• She is THE reason I do not donate to the GOP mega machine.

  • I have absolutly refused to give a dime to the RNC, RSC or RCC for several years now. Give to candidates I trust when I find one. Am considering becoming an Independent. Have noticed an increase in Tea Party Groups.

    • Shirley, I left the gop after they cheated Ron Paul out of the nomination in favor of the establishment hack mitty the poo and he handed the election to fuhrer obama!!!!!  This was/is their plan for the last 30 years!!!!!


    • Wonderful comment

  • Why isn't she commenting on the Constitutional Violations by this administration ??? Violating the Oath is a CRIME!

    • Joanna, it is because the gop establishment is complicit in TREASON!!!!!!!!!!


  • Ronna McDaniel is worthless and needs to be flushed down the toilet!

  • In a lot of ways the republicans are dumber than the democrats; they still haven't figured out how to fight back and most of the time they just roll over and take the shit that the Dems dish out.  Main reason that I've given up on the Reps and have become a conservative independent if there even is such a thing


    • Robert, they aren't "dumb" they are complicit in TREASON!!!!!!!!!!


    • They aren't dumb.  They have gotten where they want to be and by in large they remain there serving their own purposes.  What is it that makes you think they go there to fight and specifically to fight for you?

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