• She has to go along with the rest of the spineless rhinos who are nothing but cowards on defending our way of life 

  • she is a RINO, I will not give another dime to Republican Party, I will support the individual, MAGA , America First folks.  NO MORE Kiss A.. the Dems and the RINOs!

  • She isn't calling our GOP failure because she is an establishment GOP hack.

  • This is another bad judge of character for Trump who chose Ronna Romney over Mercedes Schlap for RNC Chair. I refuse to donate to the RNC. 

    • You shouldn't, only to the person you approve of!

    • You are absolutely right Susan.  Other than being well intentioned, Trump just didn't have the understandings, or instincts.  Trump knows nothing about power

    • I bet he learned a ting or two!

      I'd love to be a fly on the wall in the closed rooms as they are plotting, planning, figuring. He knows who he can trust now, he is no longer green!

      do you really think that a man with his kind of money and influence doesn't have a certain level of power?

    • I expect you are correct.  I certainly hope so.

    • I for one am sick of Trump pushing a vaccine that's doing grave harm to millions of people. I listened to his interview with Candace Owens, he sat there and said, "the vaccines haven't killed one person, they're affective, and those currently in the hospital are the unvaccinated"....that's 3 lies in a row, and he knows they're lies. He patted himself on the back again for delivering the 3 beautiful vaccines in record time "Warp Speed"....this makes me furious, and I've told him about it on gab. 

    • Good for you for telling him, but it is a poor reason not to vote for him. You have someone else in mind who can do better for the country?

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