• Rino Romney represents himself and not the people who elected him. He considers us inferior. He like the other RINOs feel they know what is best because we are to dumb to know better. Rinos like him must be removed from the GOP. Hopefully, this will be a priority in the coming elections.

  • Mitty the Poo is too stupid and too arrogant to "get it".  He thinks he is "God's gift to America" or even thinks he IS god!!!!!!!!!!  Time to flush him down the toilet!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree with you along with the Obama administration 

  • Doubtful Mitty will disappear from the political scene because he’s such a good little democrat. It’s simply a matter of officially changing parties instead of being one thing in name only and another in practice. Demoncraps will elect him because he already votes with them.

  • Cannot stand Romney!

  • Romney! deserve to be booed big time and he needs to go somewhere too, I believe politics is over for him.

  • This was not just embarrassing it displays just how arrogant and self-indulgent Romney is...  It takes a very special kind of man to continue speaking under such raucous rejection.

    • Yes, special, as in arrogant and stupid!!!!!!!!!!


  • Mitt just doesn't get it!  He might just rethink his line that he says what he thinks...NO they are not embarassed for booing him.  He doesn't represent anyone except other elitists like himself.  BTW-why did he take Trump' $$ when HE ran for president?  THAT was OK?  No problem with character issues there.  

    Mitt- Trump has more character in his right hand than you do in your whole self.  Trump didn't lie, the media misquoted him and then said he lied.  You fell for all of it.  


  • Amen Ronald. You hit the nail on the head. Home Run!!

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