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  • President Trump ISN'T the one lying, it is the devildemocommiecrats doing the lying, with the intent to overthrow the government and establish the satan/soros/devildemocommievrat New Worlld Order dictatorship!!!!!

  • I am 63 years old, and I have NEVER seen such sick and abominable behavior from elected officials in my LIFE, as I have in 2020. It really began in 2008, with the first Obama campaign, but as bad as we thought that was, it was NOTHING compared to what we have dealt with since 2016, and especially THIS year. Normal humans cannot even wrap their heads around the things the Democrats have done, ARE doing, and PLAN to do! I personally, can't wrap my head around the lack of opposition from the RIGHT, the Christians, Conservatives, Libertarians, and Constitutionalists! If it were up to ME, and I'm glad it isn't, we would be building prisons at warp speed to house these rioters, the BLM and Antifa, and anyone who illegally crosses our border. We would be arresting and sentencing political traitors to death and jailing all officials who violate the Constitution for a minimum of one year and a permanent BAN on running for any office ever again. Just for STARTERS!

    • Joanna, I agree about the corruption and TREASON of the devildemocommiecrats but they have a lot of allies in the gop establishment who cover for them to keep their own TREASON from going public.  they hate and fear President Trump just as much because he is not one of them.  the prisons HAVE BEEN BUILT.  BUSH 43 BUILT THE fema CAMPS BUT THEY ARE FOR PATRIOTS LIKE US WHEN THE LEFT SEIZES CONTROL.

    • Those are all great suggestions. We can only dream.... 

  • That's a laugh. That sawed off commie is a discrace. Not sure why he's even still around. I guess that only come out every four year's

  • Here is a statement from an online blogger, that I found earlier today and I quote - - "Welcome to the Biden/Harris world of violence, looting, property destruction and murder. Keep voting democrat for more of the same!"  Truer words I have never heard and thought this was a good time to post the message.

  • I remember Robert Reich well ... he was an advocate of "collective entrepreneurship". And I remember publicly challenging that internal contradiction. Think of all the entrepreurs you know ... Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Wright brothers, Elon Musk, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, etc., etc. One thing in common: individualists all. Socialism, Communism ... collectivism ... failures all. Robert Reich isn't stupid ... he knows damned well that he means to empower central government (collectivism) and he is trying to sweeten that deal by invoking the word 'entrepreneur'. He lied then and he's lying now!! Entrepreneurs are individualists!!! Example of collectivism's failure ... socialized medicine (otherwise known as health care, e.g. Obamacare).

    I know from whence I speak ... I'm a computer systems engineer in Silicon Valley ... leading a team in developing neural system technology in opposition to monopolistic pharma (chemical) 'medicine'.

    Parenthetically, I think of Ronald Reagan ... he made rugged individualism OK again!

    • The thing of it is, I remember respecting Secretary of Labor Reichs' "One-Stop Job Center" idea as a solid use of bureaucracy, for a change.

      But then he has to come off today as a low class commie ideologue. I guess intelligence really does not equate to common sense, shown here by Reich using shit for brains.

  • "When this nightmare is over, we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission." -Robert Reich

    Oh no, another bonafide troll. I wonder what bridge he crawled out from under.

  • I think this Reich idiot is under the assumption that sleepy pedophile Joe is going to win, but he is welcome to come and get me personally, and we will see who gets punished.

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