• Well said and so true


    • Hey! John, I agree with you 100% I will add to what you are saying COVID-19 is purely Demonic and it's the Democratic way of taking Donald Trump out of the office purely simple they got their way and therefore judgment is coming to America because they think they are God and their not.

    • Jeff, I am not in disagreement with you except for one thing. I do not believe that God’s judgement is coming upon America. We certainly deserve it for many many reasons. But I believe He created this nation and will preserve it despite present appearances. He always save His remnant, does He not? And there are many more than a few who have planted their hope in His mercy.” Those who hope in the Lord will not be disappointed.”

    • Hey! Laurel, can you do me a favor read the book of Jeremiah please because it seems to me that we are living the book of Jeremiah right now, and tell me what you think after reading the first 15 chapters tell what you think?

    • OK. Will do.

    • let me know what you think.

    • Not only was their actions to steal the election but also to destroy the middle class and ecconomy to make people dependant on the Government thinking it will make it eaier to take our guns which won't happen and push their NWO. They are doing the exact same thing Hitler Did. Not too mention Depopulation


  • Bill Gates is one of the the Globalist who want to destroy the US Constitutional Republic ! New World Order Dictates there be no political border of any kind ! It is all about power and who has it with the likes of Billionaire Bill Gates ! 

    • Yes exactly correct. 

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