• Demoncrats make me puke

    • that is the fact, now I can see why they voted God out of their party back in the 2012 election.

  •  Yep, I'd rather go to the dentist than watch the Demoncrats in that clip! 

  • I could'nt stant to watch those dumbocrat idiot s!

  • All those Dems are TOO STOOOOPID to come in out of the rain!!!  The Democrat party that represented middle America has disappeared.  In it's place is a cabal of radical, fascist, Marxist socialists hoping to DESTROY America, not LEAD it!!!  Like never before, we need REAL Americans to vote for Donald Trump... and EVERY OTHER REPUBLICAN ON THEIR BALLOT!!!

  • the difference between RNC, and DNC is DNC voted God out of their party back in the 2012 elction and this is the result of it, RNC declare that America was founded by Christian principle. that is why I am voting for Donald J Trump.

  • That was hard to get through, so I skipped over the bad parts.

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