• I hope he sues the heck out of all of them after what they did to him. How about some charges on the scum who were beating him.

  • Did anybody see the Rittenhouse trial when the prosecutor pointed the AR15 at the jury, and no liberal did anything to stop him. That guy is a asshole.

    • Yes, I saw that, too. Leftists are so arrogant they think they can get away with all their atrocities. Oh wait....


  • It is definitely a political case!  BLM and ANTIFA are terrorist organizations and they should both be eliminated like rabid dogs. Kyle did the right thing !!!!

    • Yes he did!!  The prosecuter is hell bent on making these BLM-ANTIFA scum look like the innocent ones while demonizing the man who had every right to defend himself against these ass-holes..

  • What do rioters expect when they destroy property and do harm to others and threaten their lives? Everything is fine until the victims start defending themselves from getting killed. Did they really expect Mr. Rittenhouse to just lie there and let them beat him to death? As far as I'm concerned they were the masters of their own fates. It's a case of self defense pure and simple.

  • Not guilty  free him now.

  • Imagining myself in Mr. Rittenhouse's place, the fear that I would be feeling. I pray that I would have his courage to survive the onslaught that I saw on the videos. 

    The prosecutor sweeping the jury with an AR & his FINGER ON THE TRIGGER is almost as scary.

  • He's right, and there is no case.

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