Rioting in Louisville, New York, LA and Denver

Riots have erupted in cities across America following the death of unarmed and handcuffed George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer.

Chaos fell on Minneapolis, Minnesota this week after footage emerged of Mr Floyd gasping for air as Derek Chauvin pinned him to the floor and knelt on his neck. President Donald Trump has threatened to send the national guard ‘and get the job done right’ as unrest shows no signs of easing.

Both peaceful protests and rioting have broken out in a number of US cities including Los Angeles, New York, Denver and Louisville. Officers were forced to run from the Minneapolis Third Police Precinct last night after a crowd broke into the building and set it ablaze.

Demonstrators are also demanding justice for other African Americans who have been killed by police, including Breonna Taylor, who was shot dead by officers in March at her home in Louisville, Kentucky.




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    • Students are a traditional target for Communist ideologues... we need to reform our institutions of education, too remove the socialist and communist running them.  The Nation has no right to complain about its communist youth... when it pays to indoctrinate them in our institutions of education.

    • I also meant to add, that was in 1969.

      The National Guard also bayonet a student there, and fired live rounds at students at Kent State.

    • Students who willfully throw rocks... deadly weapons, at armed National Guard units, that have been lawfully dispatched to restore order in a given situation... should expect deadly force to be used.  The idea that our police and law enforcement are to stand by and let criminals threaten their lives and those of the citizens in the area is ludicrous.  Students are no longer simply students when they become political activists and engage in criminal conduct.

    • Being shot at when unarmed except for a rock is not justified.  If the National Guard wants to shoot,  then they will be shot at too. That's how things get out of control.  The BLM did this too,  and they list.  The ATF did this too at Ruby Ridge, they eventually lost.  Excessive force will be met with excessive force.  Then all will lose 

    • Well, Christopher... you need to know that the Students at Kent University were using rocks and lots of them... they were ordered to leave on several occasions and were becoming increasingly violent and threatening the lives of others.  The use of force is often dictated by the situation and those violating the law.  When ever deadly force is present the police and national guard are entitled to defend themselves.  Rocks may appear harmless but they are quite capable of killing or seriously injuring others... defending against such acts with live rounds may seem draconian but those taking the blunt force of rocks are in serious jeopardy.

    • The Guard was supposed to load with blanks,  as is SOP.  Not live rounds 

    • The types of units and threats on the ground determine if live or blank ammo is used...  Military Police are now certified Federal Law Enforcement Officers upon finishing their training....  I believe the national guard in Minniappolous are equipped with live rounds... They are probably MP units.  MP's complete federal law enforcement certification ... better training than most local police obtain. 

      You are behind the times on your views of the National Guard and the US Military... in general, all units receive serious training in 'police operations'...much more than in the past.  The mission of the US Militar is changing... with a focus on law enforcement ... whether, that is good or not remains to be seen.


  • Big yawner if you don't live nearby and don't watch the MSM. Just some more of the neverending political drama. I have not watched tv news for about 55 years now, hope I haven't missed much!!

  • A good deadl of protesters were imported and white. Most of this is the product of decades of liberal run cities and anti-American groups BLM and Antifa funded by Soros. There is no leadership in Minesota right now as they are cowards as the city burns,police stations overun and burned down (rememebr the 3rd Precinct had records,evidence and files on the Floyd case) and all emergency services told to stand down. The mayor needs to be removed and replaced. The media is disgusting and the politicans are a disgrace. This is OMAR'S district and where Obam IMPORTED Somalis ,Chechens and other third world turds.!

  •  Does anyone care about the underlying crime committed by Mr. Floyd... That it was Mr. Floyd;s criminal conduct that became the fulcrum upon which this entire crisis occurred.  Does anyone care that it was the MSM that fanned the fires creating this inferno; instead, of asking for calm and reassuring the public that the Law and Justice should be permitted to take its course. Assaults, riots, arson, and looting is not the way to deal with this incident. 

    The left is using this incident to create even greater racial divisions and chaos... The historic pattern for these racial crises is the same: A crime is committed by a minority and the police or white individuals are accused of using undue force and a  life is lost... In all cases, the underlying criminal conduct is ignored, and without that conduct, no crisis would have occurred: no riots, looting, and physical violence would follow. The Left never allows a good crisis to go to waste... The left and its propagandist MSM are at the core of this ensuing crisis. The MSM continues to be the catalyst for the riots. 

    The few out of control law enforcement officers involved... have been dismissed and are under pending serious criminal charges for their conduct... that is how justice must proceed.  However, a RABID MSM... created an inferno, where none needed to occur. If all parties followed the law and permitted it to take its course justice would occur without the need to burn down the city, loot the local businesses, or engage in the assaults connected with the riots. The very idea that the government in MIllwaulkee told the rioters to clear the streets and warned them if they didn't they'd be arrested... in other words no arrests for the existing unlawful conduct would occur... that was inexcusable.  The looting, arson, and physical assaults on the citizens of Milwaukee should be prosecuted not excused as if it were justified.

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