Rioting in Louisville, New York, LA and Denver

Riots have erupted in cities across America following the death of unarmed and handcuffed George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer.

Chaos fell on Minneapolis, Minnesota this week after footage emerged of Mr Floyd gasping for air as Derek Chauvin pinned him to the floor and knelt on his neck. President Donald Trump has threatened to send the national guard ‘and get the job done right’ as unrest shows no signs of easing.

Both peaceful protests and rioting have broken out in a number of US cities including Los Angeles, New York, Denver and Louisville. Officers were forced to run from the Minneapolis Third Police Precinct last night after a crowd broke into the building and set it ablaze.

Demonstrators are also demanding justice for other African Americans who have been killed by police, including Breonna Taylor, who was shot dead by officers in March at her home in Louisville, Kentucky.




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  • It becomes very confusing when one can not trust their government... any of its agents including the Police.  History instructs us that governments are indeed capable of creating crises and using domestic violence to create policies conducive to their need for absolute power... offering the people security in exchange for their liberty... the people will end up with neither security or liberty.  Our government ... federal, state, and local have betrayed the people's trust once too often... The MSM is completely bankrupt and can not be counted on to report the truth. There is little the general public can trust in the public square... we are being abused, managed and like mushrooms... kept in the dark knee-deep in shite...  

    All of the current social and political problems are the creation of the New World Order and the Marxist revolutionaries who live on chaos and strife... never letting go of a good crisis.  We must end this by re-electing Pres. Trump and giving him overwhelming majorities in both Houses of Congress... a Mandate to purge the swamp and deep state from our government institutions.. federal, state and local they have all been corrupted and are betraying the interests of the people to keep their own power.

  • I've seen videos of cops actually causing the mayhem.  Remember, never let a crisis go to waste.  Can a mayor or governor use orchestrated violence to bring about new public policy ...... like lockdowns, martial law, business shutdowns, extended fascist control of a community?  Does a bear scratch its back on a tree?

  • The renegade cop must be arrested, prosecuted, indicted as the law states.  But let's face it....these overwhelming riots are instigated by outside anarchists that just wait for such an event to explode.  The infection of groups like Antifah, CAIR, AZTLAN, Soros foundations are generally such organizations that while hating the US will use every oppotunity to destroy this nation.  The fact that other cities are rioting seems to hold the notion of outside instigators.  For the most part.........99.9% of the people are unlikely to have known Mr. Floyd, and seem self punishing to burn their own community down.  In fact some of the businesses involved are run/managed by African Americans. If a white is shot or killed by a black or hispanic cop.......notice the lack of rioting or fire bombing?? Along with inflamatory leftist news media, they inflame the situation with vile rhetoric and bringing on demons like Al Sharpton the faux reverend to make the usual comments.  Oddly Minneapolis is run by democrats....who hire their police, as well as the state of Minnesota, also run by democrats are responsible for the administration of their respective entities.  Yet the idiots try real hard to blame Trump, which is so absurd,they make themselves look insane and diminish the solution rather than cleaning up their own departments, hiring, training etc.  One thing over the past 30 years, or during the Pelosi era, along with other esteemed socialists, progressives and liberals the democrat crowd shows ineptness over and over in running cities and states, blown out budgets, division, chaos and never ending abuse of taxpayer funds....I know I live in such a state. 

  • Why would a police officer behave in such a manner given all the sensitivity about blacks and the police.  The guy was handcuffed and there were several officers at the scene.  Kneeling on the guys neck hardly seemed merited, particularly when the guy was telling him he could not breath, people asking the police officer to stop and it was obvious the police officer knew he was being photoed.  Something smells about this whole affair.  Could it have been done intentionally to create the reaction we got in Minneapolis and other cities in order to further undermine Trump.  I have no doubt that Soros' name is all over this.  The progressive, MSM, wealthy liberal elite and Democratic Party leadership are desperate and scared and will resort to any means to keep Trump from getting reelected.  They know that if he gets reelected a lot of important people will be going to jail.  They are so desperate that they are willing to destroy America.

  • A couple of things should have taken place almost immediately... 

    1) A media freeze to control the narrative... all press releases must be cleared by local law enforcement. 2) A curfew declared by the Mayor and Governor.  3) The National Guard mobilized and placed on standby in various police stations. 4) Notice to the Public that arson, rioting, and assault will be treated as Domestic Terrorism under federal law... and may result in the suspension of normal due process, incarceration without bond and trial by military tribunal.. with serious penalties.  5) The President should declare a local Federal Emergency and send in select FBI, US Marshalls and Military units at the governor's request.

    The local authorities, state, and President should have controlled the MSM Narrative from the get-go... informing them that race-baiting and inflammatory narratives may result in arrests for domestic terrorism and incitement to riot.  Public information briefing should have been scheduled on a regular basis with a central press release.  All media reporting should have been required to be cleared by the local or state authorities.  The government must stop race-baiting and inflammatory media reports.

  • The National Guard should have been immediately called into action since it was obvious that wild ni99ers would start rioting and destroying businesses!! The cop was dead wrong for killing Floyd but Floyd would still be alive if he had not committed a crime!!




  • This is what happens in a third world scenario... this district is heavily populated by Samalie's and other racially entitled individuals.... I've been told the Police fear patrolling this area bcause of its high rates of crime and social unrest... complaints by the residence of police violence are not uncommon and are in many cases false or grossly overstated... trapping many in law enforcement between a rock and a hard place as they go about trying to keep order in this precinct...

  • National Guard is not always such a good alternative for law and order. Too many weekend warriors with no experience.  One false move by them, and the veterans will come in and take them on.

  • If these assemblies are not orderly or civil... arrest those participants who are acting unlawfully.  Closely monitor these assemblies, and don't allow them to become disorderly and riotous... control them early on, isolate an identify their leaders and remove them from the demonstrators at the first incident of criminal conduct.

    If the state, county, or city requires notice and a performance bond for clean up and damage,  or liability insurance for the demonstration... enforce the law and let ANTIFA and BLM meet the same standards as a conservative group. If the MSM endeavors to incite a riot by inflaming or embellishing news to encourage riots... shut the MSM down...  control the narrative. The government has the right to use martial law where chaos and riot exist, to restore order.

    • With no university open, students have alot of time on their hands. Students are being recruited, like in Berkley, CA. I know, because I was there.

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