Rioters in downtown Cleveland "systematically smashed out windows and looted stores, restaurants, and bars" on Saturday, WJW-TV reported.

But family members who own and run Corbo's Bakery weren't about to let rioters have free rein upon the business they worked hard to build over the years.

What are the details?

The station said when rioters tried forcing their way into the bakery using bats and other weapons, owner Joe Corbo and his two sons armed themselves with guns, met the rioters at the door, and said — in effect — just try us.

By and large the protesters kept a move on after seeing the firepower they were up against, but livestreamed video of the incident caught one of the bakery's windows being broken — and that apparently was the extent of the rioters' courageous stand:

Bakery co-owner Selena Corbo told WOIO-TV she supports the protesters' cause but not violence or destruction of property — and that her family had no choice but to protect what's theirs. read more here:

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