• Wow, He doesn't fit the Democrat profile anymore ! .....Not that HE changed. But the Democrat party changed !!   His uncle, President John Kennedy would be proud of him !

    • I agree, although I frown on JFKs womanizing ways.

      (how could any sane man cheat on Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy I will never know)


  • 100% spot-on  


  • And God gave His People The Land of Milk and Honey on the conditions they adhere to His Commandments and kill every man, woman, child and animal within the Cities He gave them as their own.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Thank God for compassion in affording hope.

    If some states cannot see the writing on the wall concerning the federal disservice and disobedience to the Country,

    their state noses need shoving to the wall for a closer look


    • ASSuming the position?   What a coincidence,

    • What happens in D.C.........

      should stay in D.C. (or prison).

  • More and more states are signing on to hold the article five Convention Of The States . The founders provided :We The People" with the means to have a peoples coup d etat . Smart fellas the founders !

    Trump Won!

    • Convention  Of The States.......We  ALL need to pray for that !!!   Drain the filthy swamp !!!!

    • Amen Theodore !

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