• We failed to protect and defend our children when we allowed the establishment of the federal Dept. of Education.  That's when we lost local control over education.

  • Bob, that was ten years ago. My youngest grandson was 10. He is now 6'6" and a lot more experienced. We should at least be more experienced.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • I am 72 and disabled so my military training and experience is no longer helpful, and that saddens  me greatly!!!!!!!!!!


    • Yes....Lynn Bryant DeSpain...conservatives eyes are coming awake ever so slowely, but we are awakening.   With plenty of identified problems we face, the bigger problem for us is to find that fight.   Lets not just sit around and talk about it, but actually causing action to be done that will do the changing of where we are headed.   I for one have already started bailing out of this  "out of control" vehicle driven by a drunken sailor, a democrat administration, that is spending us into oblivion.  I feel the biggest tool the left and the globalist will use against us is food.   If they can either stop or control the food supply, they will see millions bow down to them enmass.  In some places I have heard that growing a private garden for food is forbidden by some local county and city codes already.

  • Vote in people that you control, not that control you.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • They need to know we can give it, and we can take it away!

    • I thought we did that in 2012 in Ok 2 but mullin immediately sold out to the establishment and since he is so loyal to them they keep him there!!!!!


  • Totalitarianism has always destroyed itself from within. The destruction can be assisted.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Not until many died and even more suffered, in some cases for generations! 

  • No one ever "Complained" their way out of anything with perhaps the exceptions of marriage and relationships. Totalitarianism always self restricts from within. From its earliest inception of the Quin Dynasty in China 221-207 bce, the Zulu Chief Chaka 1816-1828, Italy 1922, Manchuria 1922, USSR 1924, German Reich 1933, People's Republic of China 1949-1976, North Korea 1948- Present. The United States of America is not facing Totalitarianism, as that is Rule under One Individual. The USA is facing Rule by Progressive Socialist Politicians who will Rule though ultimate control of All American Funding/Money/Employment/Education. As examples: we now stand but a few steps away from; Verification of Vaccination to receive Social Security Checks, Limited amount withdrawl from personal banking, Current President Biden Resignation with "For Options". V.P. takes his place. V.P. refusing and Speaker of House becomes President. V.P. resigns (as with Agnes under Nixon, and relaxed by Ford), and is replaced by Hillary Clinton. These scary, but highly potential considerations, are not Totalitarianism, but the Forced Collapse of the United States and the Creation of the One World Government. Now the " Race" is upon us to assure the Spring "Primaries" remove All Progressive Socialist Politicians from the Ballots coming up in November of 2022. All "Trials, Civil and Criminal, including Sentencing must be delayed and continued until 2023 with the " Changeover " Federal and States.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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