• The "Faucis are the " Heads of the Snake." Cut off the head and the snake dies. The Companies they used were pawns, and do not need prosecution. Those in Government who knew and allowed deserve jail.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Indeed he should, but not alone. ALL who push this garbage, including big pharma, should  be in jail for their heinous crimes against the human race.

  • Soros freinds? Pierre Omidyar and Hansjorg Wyss. Lock these people up....NOW!

  • Not only him, but Soros as well and his friends...How these people are walking around free is beyond me.

  • It comes with the territory that humans are a gullible lot. Any type of change causes rumbles of discontent, discomfort, rebellion and whining, but after a time acceptance always prevails. Not long ago Our Currency was worded in such a way that "Paper" could be exchanged for Gold or Silver. Then the "Paper" simply said it was Gold or Silver. In comparison a Paper I.O.U. in exchange for One Elephant, became a Paper Elephant! Governments always test their peoples. People sometimes accept these tests and at other times they don't. These so called Pandemic Tests are so blatantly idiotic that even morons would question the validity. Never put the Wolves in charge of herding the Sheep.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


  • We have a neighborhood website and I am so disgusted to see how many of the parents are ready and willing to hand their kids over for the Vaccine. One posted an article from the Associated Press to prove it was safe. The article stated that once the kids get the jab it will kill the varient and the idiots believed it. I just directed them to the CDC's VAERS website and mentioned that this was only 1% of what the real numbers are, not arguing with idiots anymore. All one has to see is how many years these murderers want to let us know what is in it. WHY?

  • A must read book, "The Real Anthony Fauci" by RFK jr. Very informative!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • What is the time limit to file Nuremberg charges? Anyone know? 

  • Take his license away, he broke the only rule that counts in medicine.....DO NO HARM!

    he knew what it was, where it came from, he KNEW the cure and refused to indorse it, he led people in charge to mislead the American people, it led to many deaths. Fauchi is a criminal along with the pharmaceutical companies.....they all know it’s a crappy shot not a vaccine 

  • What will it take... millions dying?  The question should be why hasn't Fauci or any of those involved sick with COVID... most weaponized biological vectors are never released without a cure or vaccine.  Is there a COVID Vaccine that works and is free of most adverse reactions?  If it followed the normal protocol for weaponizing a biological vector it most certainly had a vaccine before being released. 

    Can we trust anyone in government... anyone?  What can the public do... how about hitting the RESET BUTTON on the government by removing all of the politicians and appointees from the system and barring them from any further government office.  We simply can not determine who is loyal to the people and constitution from those who are not... too many supposed GOOD members of the government are DOING WAY TO LITTLE to correct the problems.

    We need an emergency Article 5 Convention in order to pass a RECALL and TERM Limits Amendments... recall ALL of the elected and appointed government officials subject to new elections and appointments.  Term limit all new and past officials to ONE TERM... 6yrs in length with 1/3rd of the government standing for election and appointment every 2 yrs.  Hit the Constitutional Reset Button throw out the current government.... good with the bad an let God sort them out.

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