David Icke | Facebook Owned Instagram to “Fact Check” & Remove Memes

Facebook revealed on Wednesday the names of the 20 left-wing, mostly foreign activists it has hired to determine what you will be allowed to post on the platform.

The social media giant revealed the names of the people who will sit on its new “Oversight Board.” And it turns out that a large number of the people on the board are members of the UN, the European Union, leftist professors, and far, far left activist groups, CNBC reported.

What a surprise, huh? The people Facebook picked to censor Americans are a bunch of extremist, left-wing, foreigners!

It will truly be the end of freedom of speech on Facebook once these extremists get started.


The oversight board will govern appeals from Facebook and Instagram users and questions from Facebook itself, although it admitted it will have to pick and choose which content moderation cases to take due to the sheer volume of them.

The board will receive cases through a content management system that is linked to Facebook’s own platforms. They will then discuss the case as a group before issuing a final decision on whether the content should be allowed to stay up or not.

CNBC added:

The members are a globally diverse group with lawyers, journalists, human rights advocates and other academics. Between them, they are said to have expertise in areas such as digital rights, religious freedom, conflicts between rights, content moderation, internet censorship and civil rights.

Notable members include Alan Rusbridger, former editor in chief of The Guardian newspaper, and Andras Sajo, a former judge and VP of the European Court of Human Rights.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt, a former Prime Minister of Denmark, is one of the board’s four co-chairs. “Up until now some of the most difficult decisions about content have been made by Facebook and you could say Mark Zuckerberg,” she said on a call with the press Wednesday. “Facebook has decided to change that.”


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  • If a kid like Zuckererg, fresh out of college, can create this multi billion dollar vehicle, why can't some patriot create a similiar way we can express our thoughts without fear of being purged. We could even name it "Making America Great Again."

    • I agree.  In the meantime, I suggest you take a look at MeWe.  I just found out about it today.  It was started as an alternative to Facebook. No ads, respect privacy, no purging based on ideology, etc. 

  • WE can file complaints with the Federal Communications Commissions.

    If they have enough complaints they will surely get involved.

    Also, we can contact  Donald j Trump on his FB [age or write to him at the Whitehouse/

    • Those of us Christian conservatives who are banned from Facebook and Twitter will have to write to President Trump at

      Write or Call the White House | The White House
      Want to write a message to President Donald J. Trump or get help with a federal agency? Contact the White House today.
  • Someone should permanently crash the Facebook site.  It has become nothing more than a propaganda machine for the Democratic Party, progressives, leftists and the liberal global elite.  It is already violating people's First Amendment rights and it is only getting worse.  A bunch of spoiled, inexperienced, idealistic, naive and ignorant nerds that have led a very sheltered life (never experienced war, true hardship, and have no clue what communism, fascism and socialism are all about) should not be allowed to dictate ideology. They are nothing more than puppets for people like Zuckerberg and other wealthy globalists.  The same applies to Twitter and Google. Trump should set up his own social media site as an alternative and screw Twitter, YouTube, Google, and Facebook!   The CEO's of these sites should all be charged with violation of the Constitution, contributing to a "soft" coup against President Trump and undermining our Republic form of government and sent to Gitmo!. 

    • How do you permanently crash Facebook site?

    • Not being an IT geek or hacker, I haven't a clue.  However, it would seem to me that the FCC or whoever licenses Facebook, etc. would be in a position to revoke their license for violating our Constitutional rights, plotting against a sitting President, and undermining our Constitution.

    • Maybe send a Denial of Service attack. I just don't remember how to do it.

    • I feel like the FCC doesn't care about our Consitiution, or they are complicit in its destruction, or they are totally asleep!  I wish President Trump would light a fire under the FCC!!

    • Agree.  There is too cozy a relation between the FCC and private industry.  Also, given my experience working for the Federal government, no one wants to make wakes, just collect their pay check and benefits until they can retire.

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