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  • Fraud !!!!

  • Let us not forget Communist Democrats get away with Murder, Extortion, Manipulation, Bribery and any other crimes. I still have hope, but it is getting thin. All we can do is Pray. 

  • LOCK HIM UP!!!

  • It is time for the conservative masses to stand up and be counted.  We need to go to AZ and help those folks out. I am proud of Kemp for sending the Ga. Nat.  Gd. to the border.  All states should do that and lock down the border.  Don  't let them cross the border then we don't have to keep them.  

  • So when is Adrian Fontes arraignment?

    Lookit! The crimes commission is within timely prosecution.

    And just because he is out of office does not exempt him from the crimes prosecution.

    If you or I  are chased by the police for a moving violation, and race home and lock the door,

    shall we figure on being in a safe-zone, and free from arrest?

    • Nice ploy to halve Joes speaking (mumbling) time with the wife speaking the other half of the messege.

      But Joes cold, lifeless eyes still say it all.

  • The corruption in our government has become so bad It will be near impossible to clean it up without starting over with all new people

  • I remember the speach where slow Joey said they had the most indepth voter fraud setup the Country has ever seen. This was of course taken down to never be heard again? The Dam Dems stole the election, if not why try so hard to stop an actual audit from taking place?

  • Democrats are fighting hard against the Maricopa Audit, the question is: "What don't they want us to see?"

    • A very good question - makes me think there was not only mass voter fraud, but that it was orchestrated from beginning to end by the Dimwitocrat party.


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