• Screw them abd their LYING MAO-THS!!!!

  • Claiming fraud... what is it called when thousands of the DEAD VOTE or thousands of underage individuals are allowed to vote?  What is it called when the same ballot is processed and tabulated several times or boxes full of Trump ballots are found in the trash... what is it called when thousands of mail-in ballots arrive with return postmarks dated before the ballots were mailed out?  These are just a few of the irregularities noted by election monitors and audit officials that created the fraudulent election.  Only the corrupt could possibly defend the fraud that occurred as a fair election.

  • Gabriel, can you say jail?!?! Weird how you moved from a $150,000 house to a $500,000 house this year! Our state has turned into a cespool! Watching this makes me want to throw up! LIES LIES LIES

  • This is another hit piece by the Left and Deep State to divert the truth that the election was rigged. No way Trump lost Georgia.

  • WOW!! This is a complete fake news propaganda hit piece. The FBI, CIA have all of the tools needed to track any and all of these supposed threats on Twitter, Face Book, or any other electronic media. Anyone that believes these icendiary lies about Trump and his supporters need to have their head examined.

    • The FBI, the CIA and the Justice Dept. are as Corrupt as they can be!


  • Richard needs to report any death threats and let the law deal with those foolish enough to engage in such threats... However, the election fraud that created the hostile environment causing these death threats will not go away. One can not hide the fact that large numbers of the dead and thousands of underage individuals fraudulently voted. 

    There is no denying that serious and game-changing incidents of election fraud occurred in Ga...  Several of the fraudulent activities that took place included the loss of ballot custody records, the wholesale destruction of untabulated ballots, and the massive tabulation of some ballots multiple times, as witnessed by poll observers and election workers in their affidavits. 

    The evidence of Election Fraud in Ga. is overwhelming and the cries for justice are not going away... the demands for justice will continue until those committing the fraud are held lawfully accountable for their illegal actions.

  • You have to be kidding!  How on earth can anyone believe anything the left says?  Almost daily we learn of something they covered up and/or completely lied about!  We know that the 2020 elections were just a scheme to keep the democrats in powerf and hopefully (in their minds) to make it a permanent majority.  Anyone involved in these schemes should be jailed for a minimum of 20 years and their rights vote, to speak of or participate in politics in any way, taken away PERMANENTLY! 

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