9719800672?profile=RESIZE_710xRepublicans successfully filibustered the Democrats’ Freedom to Vote election bill Wednesday, denying the legislation the 60 votes needed to move on to floor debate.

The bill would have created new requirements for groups to disclose information about their donors, named Election Day a national holiday, and created federal standards for voting by mail, early voting, and voter ID.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) criticized the Republican vote, saying “I wanna be clear about what just happened. Every single Republican senator just blocked this chamber from having a debate on Americans’ rights to free and fair elections.”

The results of the vote are unsurprising, as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) made clear that his caucus would not support the bill. The Kentucky Republican on Tuesday reported his “hope and anticipation” that the bill, which he decried as an effort “to have the federal government take over how elections are conducted all over America,” would fail to win Republican support.

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  • If you need an ID to aboard on a plane. If you need an ID to buy a beer then you need an ID to vote that is all we asked for Americans to vote. This is our country and only we decided on our elections 

  • Nobody ever Won anything with the attitude of "Behind every Silver Lining there's a Big Dark Cloud!" Take the Victories and build on them!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Hooray, one small victory

  • Who in their right mind would trust a Demoncrat with voting changes?

  • Whenever you hear a dirtbag lying democrat hack like Up Chuck Schumer begin a sentence with "I wanna be clear, Let's be clear or Let me be clear" you know they are about to lie. He could give a fudge about having a debate on We the People's rights to free and fair elections. After the blatant corruption of the 2020 Election I believe NOTHING of what he and the democrats say about elections. I'm glad that the Republicans collectively grew a pair and fillibustered the Democrats Remain In Power Due To Voter Corruption Bill. Because that's all that crappy bill is. 

  • Sen. McConnell and the senate was correct.  Any change to the voting procedure introduced by the Democrats needs to be stopped in it's track.  It will not be good for America.  

  • Sorry Schumer, but we, the public need to see all the details of the bill.  For instance, voting by mail should be "Absentee Voting Only", not just the crooked vote by mail for anyone.  Early voting is a joke.  We would like to see the details on that one for sure.  Voter ID, I have a feeling that it does not include a photo of the voter.  Election day a federal holiday.  I can go for that one IF, no early voting, no universal mail in ballots, no ballot harvesting, everyone goes to the polls on election day only.  The only exception would be absentee voting only.  Seems funny that for decades, actually over several centuries, we could only vote on election day.  Now, for whatever reason we need weeks of early voting.  Go figure.

  • Can it be that the Republicans are finally getting a spine?  Certainly would be good! 

    As for Schumer - he is a disgusting liar.  He is just angry that he wasn't able to bully people into going along with it.  But of course they will bring it up again. 

  • Why could't they be fighters when they voted YES on the SO CALLED "Infurstructure Bill"????? They better do the right thing when they vote again. We are watching.... You hear me McConnell????!!!!

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