Pax on both houses: Sen. Susan Collins Gets Hit Hard By Maine Constituents  For Voting To Approve Trump's Budget

Republican Sens. John Cornyn (R-TX) and Susan Collins (R-ME), both of whom just won reelection, say the U.S. Senate must start with an amnesty for illegal aliens enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in an effort to reach “comprehensive immigration reform.”

During a summit hosted by the pro-amnesty, pro-mass immigration group American Business Immigration Coalition, Cornyn said he considers an amnesty for the roughly 800,000 illegal aliens enrolled in DACA — and potentially the millions more who are eligible for the program — a starting point in the new Congress.

Likewise, Collins — who most recently staved off a challenge from Democrat Sara Gideon — said the first issue on immigration that the new Congress should advance is an amnesty for DACA illegal aliens.

“There are three areas that we could start with. The first is the DACA population, the DREAMers,” Collins said before touting her support for H-2B visas, H-2A visas, and more foreign worker migration to take U.S. jobs in rural areas.

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  • These people do NOT care what their Constituents want. Once they get your votes, you cease to matter.

    • I believe Joe Biden said he didn't need the people's vote... he even said he had the best vote fraud team ever assembled... I am sure that those statements were FREUDIAN slips but very indicative of the facts on the ground.

    • Generally, anyone with the mental malfunctions slow-joe is displaying, do have what we refer to as Freudian slips, but they are actually "true confessions".  Notably, from my personal experience as a family member, alcoholics do the exact same thing and remember none of it afterward, just the same as dementia, or alzheimer patients.  All three of those catagories are "diseases", by the way.

    • I'm not sure it's a "Freudian slip" if your brain is so crippled by dementia that you cannot keep "stuff I can discuss publicly" fully separate from "stuff I gotta keep SECRET".  No, I don't think Joe is down the rabbit hole ALL the time, but when he is, it's REAL obvious.

  • "Republican Sens. John Cornyn (R-TX) and Susan Collins (R-ME), both of whom just won reelection, say the U.S. Senate must start with an amnesty for illegal aliens enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in an effort to reach “comprehensive immigration reform.”"

    These two miscreants should know DACA is a pipedream. 

    The legitimate residents of this country resent the mangling of truth that DACA purports.

    That these two invoke the vile ploy called Comprehensive Immigration Reform,

    a proven scam since NWO progressive socialists have no intention of partcipating honestly,

    places a clarion call for new conservative blood to hunt and cull the RINO population at the fraud-free ballot box.

    • There were 2 Amnesties for illegal aliens in my lifetime... one under George HW Bush and another under Ronald Reagan... Clinton and Obama took another approach, the declined enforcement and dramatically reduced deportations.  Now the GOP is back for a 3rd Amnesty ... when will they learn Amnesty doesn't work.  Eisenhower with just a hand full of dedicated Border Patrol and INS agents deported 3 million illegals in less than one year... he also worked out an effective farm labor program that provided work for Mexicans and cheap labor for US Farmers without opening the door to mass migration.

      Why even have a border with Mexico if one doesn't enforce it?  Why not just annex Mexico and clean it up... get rid of its Marxist government and establish the 1823 Monroe doctrine of 'Manifest Destiny'.  Instead, the Globalist and Marxist would have Mexico annex us, and the USA would become a 3rd world agent of Manifest Misery.

    • That brings our border closer to South America, with its issues.

      I am not sure we want Mexico, although it would benefit the mexican people big time.

      Optimally, Mexico should be buffering for us, as North Korea does for China.

      The World has shrunk so much though, Mexico as a state is not bereft of benefit for us.

  • John stop being worse than the communists we are trying to rid ourselves of, and stop counting on being re-elected, just because don't want to elect a democrat.

    Do you ever listen to the people who put you in office, and stop being such a RINO and support Trump as we expect you to. Both of you are pitiful excuses for a Repubican.

    • Maybe they are just extorted / bought-and-paid-for Chinese operatives.

      It makes more sense.

  • Actually what has been proposed in California is not to suceed from the country, but a number of mid and northern county feel the legislature's don't work for them, generally voting Republican have proposed to suceed from the state, breaking California from one huge state to 6 to 8 states. Or as has been proposed in Oregon a significant number of counties, except in the northwest part of the state, want to become part of Idaho, because the people feel more aligned with Idaho's political thinking. These proposals have huge hurdles to cross but to many people who feel disenfranchised with all the constant Democratic voter fraud being perpetrated more and more blatantly each election, drastic action needs to be done in order to preserve the integrity of their votes.

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