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  • Brain freeze off the Great Lakes??....time to go out of office...the problem is most Chicagoans seem to be afflicted with the samne malady if they keep reelecting her.

  • If the crazy witch, Lori Lightfoot is reelected, the entire world will know Chicago is populated by the most brain dead idiots on the planet.  

    • If she is re-elected it won't be by legal votes or by people who are actual amongst the living - or maybe it will be by the criminals because Lori and Kim actually are for the criminal and not the good citizens of Chicago / Illinois !

    • Yessiree!

  • If the people are stupid enough to re-elect her then they deserve what they get

    • Isn't that the truth... but then look at NYC!

  • She or it is a poor excuse for a human being. There must be something in Chicago’s air that would allow this human piece of filth to become mayor.

  • If her constituants vote her in again they deserve what they get.

  • What a dispicable excuse for a leader.. I don't even think a re-education camp could help this leftist communist.....

  • Hahahahahahaha, what harm? You can bet your life she doesn't see harm.......she has done everything right!

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