In the beginning, the American military campaign in Afghanistan was officially known as Operation Enduring Freedom. Lofty ideals and ambitions are inherent in such a title, but 20 years later they look hopelessly misplaced. As names go, it now reads like a tragically bad joke.

Afghanistan is today a graveyard of Western ideals that many Afghans had come to hold dear. I said sorry to a lot of those people during the 11 days since the Taliban takeover that we stayed in Kabul, a city we have now left.

One of the reasons we stayed at the Serena Hotel, in the centre of the capital, is that it’s also home to the Qatari Embassy. The Gulf country has played an enormous role in all of this. The Qataris were the intermediaries as the Americans and the Taliban negotiated the end. We felt that as long as we were close to the Qataris, we would be relatively safe.

It was the Qataris who got us out of there. Myself, cameraman Sean Swan and producer Lutfi Abu-Aun are also indebted to the NBC news correspondent Richard Engel, who used his contacts to make sure we were on a flight from Kabul to the Qatari capital Doha. Driving from the hotel to the airport, we almost certainly passed people who would be killed later in the day in the suicide bomb attack close to one of the entrances.

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  • People are infuriated with this usurping criminal STOLEN PRESIDENCY!!!!!! THEY MADE THIS MESS ON PURPOSE!!!!

  • Oregon's Previous Governor, Kitzhoper, issues an "Edict" that the "Uniform Traffic Code" relating to "Impeding Traffic" (driving so slow as to have three or more vehicles behind you" will no longer be Cited by Traffic Enforcement, as Undocumented Aliens tend to drive slower than U.S. Citizens, and it would be "Unfair!" (Never mind the resulting additional traffic accidents created from the additional need to pass slower cars from further back in longer lines.) Note: The Former Governor was forced to resign for "Granting Preferential State Contracts" to His Live-In Girl Friend (to avoid prosecution), who He insisted be called First Lady and Insisted She reside in the Governor's Mansion. This is how Oregon received its current He/She Governor.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Throughout the Histories of Our Governments, both Our National and States have asked of their various "Branches" to "Gain the Trust of Peoples for those Peoples Best Interests." However, as these "Money Eating Machines (Government Bodies) never reduce or remove these Various Branches, which the Original Benefits were passed directly down to the Peoples Affected,  never fail to reverse their " Promise", these immediately places the Immediate Branch in a Bad Cast of Light! This is far more simple than it seems. The most obvious being the "Indian Treaties." The most subversive and recent occurred with the "Re Creation of OSHA", especially in the States. As an example, Oregon in 1990 was Ranked 47th Highest in Workers Compensation Premiums. It was absolutely impossible for any Company in Oregon to Survive longer than a few years and make a " Profit" against comparable businesses in other States. Oregon OSHA Compliance Officers through Inspections, Fines, Hearings, and focusing the Company's Attention of "Their Profit Lying in their Mod Rate (The amount paid per hour per worker, per occupation, based on industry, and past practices).  In less than 10 years, Oregon had gone from the 47th Highest to the 2nd Lowest. For 10 years OR-OSHA did not ask for a Budget increase. The Staff remained the same shifting numbers from Compliance to Training and Consultation. Oregon Businesses Profits continued to increase. During the same Period of 10 Years, Oregon Workman's Compensation, continued with its biannual Budget Increases, Staff Increases, including attorneys. As the " Premiums " lowered, the "Income" lowered, and Bureaucracy being Self Centered as it is, "Decided to Increase the Mod Rate, without Justification", to pay for staff no longer of use. Immediately there was no more working relationships between Oregon Businesses and OR-OSHA. Every Human Being anywhere on Earth knows the difference between a mistake and a lie.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Well Put, Lynn! I went to High School in Klamath Falls & I really liked Oregon alot. But like WA. when you get a Communist Governor in office you notice the increase of Corruption & LIES! These Governors need to disappear to NEVER Reoffend!!! That's How America needs to fix this problem & send a signal to CCP that WE THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA WILL NOT TOLERATE COMMUNISM! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • Glad he's weasring his mask since the COVERT FLU is so bad! What a Woke Joke & this Commie Scumbag is a Big Part of the REGIME! Screw the Woke Poke, too!

    • Agree 1000% 


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