• Another liar

  • Why are we focusing only on Blacks needing GOP community centers where staffing can help register all races as GOP members... where multi-cultural engagement will integrate the party at all levels.  The idea that we have 'race based' facilities and programs is racist.

  • If that is the law... then ANY and ALL referrals by Family Planning are prohibited as the use of the staff and facility to refer abortion is paid for (funded) by the Federal Government.

  • So it's the "law" and "so shall it be, because it is the law and it is written right here, so there, so saith Jan Psake! So, the den-0-rats "WebStirs" den0nary words are "golden"?

    So, xplane the "written LAW' that states "alians NOT FOLLOWING THE LAW entering THIS COUNTRY, ARE "ILLEGAL"? Does that work as well as the "written law" created by the "den-0-rats?"

    Enter "undocumented" as nother vote, infrastructure as whatever we what it to cover, riot as energenic peiceful protest and democrats as "jackasses" awhh! You guys are the one's rewritting history, now the dictionary. Another word for smell is "STINK"!


  • Abortion code for genocide in the Minority Communities.

    • Yes, it has always been about true racism, especially to decimate Black people.


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