Report: Trump wants to create new political party

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According to a report Tuesday evening in the Wall Street Journal, citing “people familiar with the matter,” Mr. Trump has discussed creating a “Patriot Party.”

The discussions have happened with “several aides and other people close to him,” the Journal reported.

According to numerous polls in recent years, Mr. Trump has a significant base of support among people who had been either politically inactive or independents, and thus have little institutional loyalty to the GOP.

In recent months especially, Mr. Trump has feuded with Republican lawmakers in Washington, especially Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, accusing them of betrayal and calling them part of the Washington “swamp.”

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  • Armed rebellion? 

    • I don't think so, hope not anyway, but the more people in government who pretend to follow the constitution the higher is the risk.

  • I don't know, I'd call it Blue It (to twitter party)...

    I'm fairly sure Trump doesn't like militias, if so he doesn't believe we the people have a right to physically protect ourselves from oppressive government, which is against the constitution.

  • With Election Fraud now the Gold Standard for achieving office... Political parties can negotiate their vote totals from their basements...  elections are only necessary to convince the public that their voices are important. Elections are the relics of old fashioned corruption.

    Political parties are no longer effective institutions of the people...  Today's progressive system of digital corruption and monetized votes can be run out of one's basement.  Any new party... will not have access to the digital ballot box or the State's system of fraudulent ballots and digital vote tabulation.  Instead of political campaigns run by consultants, 'hackers' will become the currency of election victory.

    Besides, Party Planks and campaigns proposing programs outside those approved by the Marxist Politbureau are DOA...  Besides, If Pres. Trump was unable to rally the political support to save his presidency, and the Nation from a corrupt Election or his Un-Constitutional Impeachment, how can he organize an effective Political Party, with access to a system of brokered digital votes.

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