Trump’s appeal among black and Hispanic voters is strong and growing.

It’s one aspect of the 2020 election that confounds Democrats and people in the liberal media who have spent three years insisting that President Trump is a racist.

In fact, Trump speaks to and supports all Americans. It’s so simple but the Democrats just don’t get it.

In the end, minority voters may help Trump win reelection.

American Greatness reports on the surge in the polls:

Trump Surging With Hispanic and Black Voters In Critical States


Joe Biden has a problem. Actually, he has a few problems. Recent polling shows that Donald Trump is running much stronger with Hispanics and black voters than he did in 2016. Those are demographic groups that Biden needs to win big if he has any hope of winning the election. If Trump’s strength with these voters continues, it will doom Biden and lead to a second Trump term.


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  • I am from Haiti and this is the first time I am going to vote for a president and this is by far the best president I am going to vote for this year, I've seen black president before they did not do anything for their own people and this is historical to say the least, so thank God for preparing Donald Trump for such a time as this.

  • I am a white American. I like black,  brown, yellow, and white Americans. Together we will make America even greater again with TRUMP 2020! 

  • Who doesn't love Trump? Of course, he will win in a landslide in November. He is a successful business man who devotes his time to public service when he could be making billions as he has done throughout his amazing business career. We could not find a better man in our ranks than Donald J. Trump. America is blessed to have had him in the White House for the past four years, and to have him be willing to give us another four years of public service. Trump 2020!!!

  • Latinos know about corruption, Blacks know about plantations, they see nether in TRUMPS plan.

    • Agree 100%

  • We are all American and we must defend our Freedom 

    • Agree 100%

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