• Exactly... misinformation, false information, and a general predisposition of individuals to embellish their own views can lead to a misinformed decision by those relying totally on internet sources.  Today, one must arm themselves with several good sources in the media... the internet, MSM, and alternative media.  Even then one must be very cautious on how they assimilate information. 

    • Your opinion happens to be the truth, Dale.


    • Agree

    • that's what the Democratic party wants you to believe in all that you said that is the platform of the Democratic party.

    • Who’s Really Putting All the Troops on the Streets Of D.C.?


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      Washington D.C. is being locked down as a staggering number of military troops and law enforcement personnel are stationed throughout the city in the…
    • America is even worse than I thought until I read this article. We can't trust the elections, the courts, law enforcement, government agencies and departments, and now we can't even trust that the Commander-In-Chief is not undermined. The US is really a sham of a country not worthy of being called a "free country" let alone the leader of the free world. In the meantime, we the people will be eternally grateful to our President, Donald J. Trump, who made America great again in his first term. America hasn't been this great in a very long time.

    • Such Truth

    • that's right

    • "The People are destroyed for lack of Knowledge." 

      Think about that for awhile.

      What replaces this lack?  Pardon my farm kid from Kansas upbringing. But the answer is Bullsh-t. Pure Grade too.

      Our government, our media, our courts, are experts in spreading this stuff.


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