• They're saying anti-government people are our biggest threat.

    Translation: they're saying people that DON'T agree with civil servants corrupting our government system are a threat and using government agencies as a weapon to silence your political rivals is just conspiracy theory. 

    Republicans know the left is using "rules for radicals" as they're governing playbook but still allow them to do it. It's going to come down to the basic principles of right vs.wrong, good vs evil, when this Freedom thing is gone and we turn primal on each other. 

    It's like watching a terribly predictable movie. Remember when EVERYTHING was racist if you criticized ANYTHING about Obama? That's back in style now. Now if you criticized our government because of their corruption you're our country's biggest threat. I'm getting tired of corrupt politicians and government workers forgetting who works for who.

    • Only to them because sic semper tyrannis! You know they'll be blaming us WHITE PEOPLE for the false flag they'll be pulling. They think they'll get the country to support it if they do. We already busted them for the sixth and now they're running a black out and disinformation on their guilt.

      Who in the hell could believe anything out of their mouths anymore?  They know we know this faux election is a COUP.  Blatent in your face stolen. And the arrogance to tell us to sit down shut up and obey us.  We are through with it!!!

    • that is the Democratic party.

    • The Newer DemoncRATS are Communists-Socialists-Marxiists!! The are ALL Anti-Israel-Yisrael / Anti-Christian and Jewish People / Anti-USA Constitution and our BILL OF RIGHTS!!



  • WHY?  

    Why now... when he could have used the evidence in the files to hold the Obama Administration legally accountable for any crimes exposed in the files... It is highly unlikely the DOJ or FBI will act on the evidence of criminal conduct now... or that the MSM will follow up with a national discussion of the criminal conduct contained in them.  All this will do is infuriate the patriot even more... abandoning them to desperate means in their hope to obtain justice.

    • Insurrection act makes their refusal to uphold the law moot.

    • Maybe you are right and Trump has been playing everyone including his most loyal supporters after all.....

    • No, I believe Pres. Trump is sincere and that he has had bad advice... The President is simply overwhelmed by the sea of corruption around him; he needs our prayers and support. He needs to do what HE KNOWS IS RIGHT... trusting in the Lord to be his guide.  God Chose Trump for His man of the hour... too, work His purposes in the Earth.  Having done all stand and see the Lord at work.

    • Ron, AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!

    • I like your unwavering resolve and your support of Trump no matter what. He is indeed the man of the hour, he can't do any wrong, and we the people cannot turn our backs on him, certainly not now when he needs us more than ever.

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