• Amen!

    • Martial Law for the purposes of restoring and implementing Constitutional law and order is not a coup... the President and his Cabinet remain in charge of the Administration.... Civilian control over the military remains in place.   The US Military doesn't engage in Coup's/

    • But  how about officers training involving the wearing of red high heels, possibly in drag (so I heard reports) 

      I know, not in your time.

    • we havve a new coup and that is Black lives matter, Antifa, they going to run this country from here on out.


    • my question is will the millitory coup do their job?


    • You are looking for a coup? Are you with the radical left? FYI this site is for American patriots.

    • There is NO reason why all the traitors could not be hanged "until dead", OR stood up in front of a US military firing squad, or even shipped to GITMO.  However, from what I have been reading on other websites, these traitors will ALL receive military tribunals and NOT civilian trials.  The military will deal with them as they see fit; generally the military does NOT opt for "life in prison".

  • This will be dragged out for 4 years, then the People MIGHT See Them or as usual the Media Will Not Report AND NOTHING WILL HAPPEN-!!! The People Will Say WHAT REPORTS-???

  • How much ya wanna bet that the most important parts will be redacted?

    • Declassifying REMOVES ALL REDACTIONS, it's WHY it all needed to be released.


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