• Fact is Trump did nothing but obummer did. Why?

    • He deserves to be in jail along with his administration and I am with you 100%

    • Not jail, gallows.  Treason is a hanging offense!!!!!

    • Court appointments get confirmed by the senate. You can bet that McConnell suggested his globalist cadre of potential judges to the White House, and then Trump nominated them because that ensured confirmation. McConnell was probably playing Trump, which is very weird because we know and trust Trump when he says that he hires only the best people and he is the world's best negotiator. Still, today we are left with a judiciary that's beholden to the globalist McConnell. 

  • and now the American people will see how far back the coruption is, peelosi, byden, hairy ass will soon be in jail for treason

    • Steven, none of them will be punished, they are all in it together!!!!!

    • See?We already knew it! It's the "Held Accountable For It" part that we want.

      Punishment for Treason is Death. They've more than earned it. And there's that EXAMPLE thing the Democrat Fascists like to use.Wouldn't want to disapoint them now,would we?


    • But what good is it?  Those that should know will never know because they do not even try to look for the truth and the mainstream media will not put it out there.

    • Gosh Edie, it is fair thee well impossible to enslave a human being. Oh, you can physically chain them up or kill them, but not enslave them. Being enslaved  truely occurs as an invididual internalization. It starts when the individual resolves that self-assertion in resisting with reality and contending with its difficulities is pointlessly futile. It is the embracing of hopelessness.

      Thats what good it is.

    • Like most things human slavery is a state of mind and body... one may enslave our body sooner than our minds.... However,  I assure you both body and mind can be brought into captivity, creating a state of absolute enslavement.  I would add that slavery is not always a visible condition and like walls, a prison does not make, so chains do not always make a slave.

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