• Ron, they know but either don't care or are afraid to do their duty.  I am guessing most don't care because they have been bought!!!!!

    • this will happen when God comes back until then it's not going to happen.

    • Who is going to arrest this scum ? chuky boy schumer., nancy babe, the fbi, the cia, the wash dc police, the congressional sgt of arms, ......... NOBODY WILL TAKE ANY ACTION AGAINST THESE SCUM !!!! Our country is imprisoned by entire socialist/muslim/communist in our country's government !!! Buy lead not gold. A lot of talking heads wll populate the Sunday talk shows and say exactly what you want to hear and then do NOTHING !!! Our politicians LIE to our country, they will say anything we want to hear to get reelected, this lying has been going on for 100 years and nothing is ever done to hold politicians to what they say in their campaigns. SICK O(F ALL THIS BS !


    • Our Nations' ills are not so intractable that they can not be rectified thru peaceful and Constitutional means... Should Biden be inaugurated as President, the Red States may act to secede.  First, by peaceful negotiation with Congress and the Blue States. However, if forced the Red States may move to secede without negotiation, uniting to resist the Marixis in a civil war.

      In any case, the Constitutional patriots must hang together or they shall surely hang as individuals...  united the Red States may form a new Constitutional Republic.  United the Red States are better equipped to negotiate a peaceful transition of power, one that confirms the consent of all factions of government... Constitutional Patriot and Marxist alike.

    • Agreed!

    • Col. you have a beautiful way with words. I wish I had that blessing.

    • Didn't you just say elsewhere in another post, "hope is a very powerful opiate"? A minute later you start your own post with "It is my hope...." You sure are full of inconsistencies and sometimes I wonder what side you are really on.

    • No. He's with us.I took him wrong and had the same suspicion once when I started posting again. I've read a lot of his since. You probably took his words wrong if palced in full context.


    • No, I was emphasizing that Hope alone is not what was needed... having hope without a basis, in reality, leads to serious disappointments.  Given the desperate situation, we find our nation in, HOPE must be mixed with sufficient reality, to ensure that we are prepared for ALL possible events/scenarios... any inconsistency is the result of not knowing which scenario will occur as each scenario requires different actions... different hopes... one size here doesn't fit all.

      Finally, Hope is not always grounded in reality.. that is why I called it a powerful opiate... it gives us the nerve and strength to carry on. Hope is a necessity ... just like opiates are a necessity when confronting serious pain and medical problems... a little hope is ok... too, much is delusional... like an opiate it takes just the right amount to be properly administered

    • Ron, some people can't grasp the wisdom in your words.  I too have hope but my hope is tempered by a lot of reality.  My biggest hope is that God will answer my prayers and deliver His people from this evil long before we are raptured out.

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