• It is my hope and most glorious prayer that God takes this information and uses it to awake the souls of those who sit in the seats of justice.... to finally realize they must act to save our heritage and our children's inheritance... that God will prick the conscience of judges everywhere to do what is right in His sight to remember whom they first serve.. God, not man... that in so doing they also serve man.  Let the Spirit of Righteousness awake O' Lord, pour out the Balm of Gilead upon the nation, and heal us O' Lord. Amen

    • I agree.

  • it's to late now Trump should have done it the first 100 days in office.

    • Jeff...

      As long as there is breath in man it is not too late... God can save us even from ourselves, even from the precipice of destruction. He delivered Israel from Pharoah, opening the Red Sea with a blast from His nostrils... parting the waters and MAKING A WAY to escape judgment where there seemed to be none.  Our God is the God of Miracles.

    • I got you and understand what you are saying from reading the Bible I came to understand that God is infinite and he has to stand by his word because Abraham interceding for Sodom and Gomorah God still destroy Sodom and Gomorah that alone should wake us up it did mine.

  • wow! THAT is super! Can't wait, get the Popcorn!

  • Military Intelligence Operatio
    • The sting had better pop now... there is very little time to react.   Providing this sort of information in the face of mountains of rebuttal and desperation is seriously irresponsible if not true...  all this debt is contingent on the Rothschilds and their Plutocracies ability to enforce their debt by military power.  As long as the US has control of the Miliary the financial powers have no way to enforce their debt. 

      What should happen is the arrest of the primary heads of this corporation and the declaration that any debt owed is null and void... when the cabal attempts to enforce its debt they should be foreclosed with extreme prejudice.  The idea that some foreign power by right of DEBT can overrule a soverign nation with the most powerful military is BS... unless, they have thousands of complicit bureaucrats and political agents willing to act in unison to enforce their will and the rest of society follows... their conspiracy to subvert the US Government will fail. 

      Q needs to act now there are 20K troops in DC... and they intend to inaugurate Biden as President... Where are the INDICTMENTS from this Grand Jury... And who is going to issue them... they are a day late and a dollar short.  This tape is interesting loaded with lots of information.... much I know about but lots of it is extraneous and loosely tied together... he has a good handle on the sleepers ... DC is definitely a crime syndicate.

      So where is the sting... it needs to happen now...  the Department of Homeland Security's acting director just resigned?  Why, was Chad Wolf a deep state operative?  Let us hope this is all set up... may this be true, albeit there will need to be tens of thousands needing to be arrested.  It is go time alright.  Where is the Military marshaling on this massive raid?  The numbers required would make it very difficult to disguise... some leaks would happen.  There definitely will be shock and awe if the 'takedown' happens.

    • I believe it might be to late

  • GOOD, Finally Donald Trump is a PATRIOT!!

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