• Amen Finally 

  • Well? Still nothing!  I guess anything is better than violence from the left

  • Everything or almost everything in these documents of any political or criminal impact has already been aired.... The declassification of the official record will simply be an official confirmation of known criminal and corrupt conduct. 

    So, what will it change?  Nada... nothing for those here legally...  for those not ... they will be given a get out of jail free card, issue by the Biden Administration.  America has become a third world banana republic... Only the Bananas have all been given to the welfare state...

    So...  Come, Mr. Tally Mon, tally me banana (Daylight come and he wan' go home) Come, Mr. Tally Mon, tally me banana (Daylight come and he wan' go home) Day-o, day-ay-ay-o (Daylight come and he wan' go home) Day, he say day, he say day, he say day, he say day, he say day-ay-ay-o (Daylight come and he wan' go home)  Work all night and for what... come Mr. Tally Mon... tally me banana... I wanna go home.

    • WE do remember Harry Bellafonte!

  • I am counting on a military coup of USA, INC. And the rebirth of the UNITED STATES REPUBLIC. I hope it comes true. But what do We the People do with millions of traitors? We cannot hang all of them. Strip them of their citizenship and give them a one way plane fare to a country of their choice for Political Asylum. If they sneak back, then they get hung.

    • Well Harry ... as usual the patriot is a day late and a dollar short... the left has the solution for millions of dissidents... it's called COVID 19 and a Pandemic... The Pandemic is a perfect storm for eliminating dissidents.  According to Dr. Fauci, we have seen nothing yet.  A  strain, much more contagious and just as deadly, has arrived just in time for millions too die.  Yep... just in time for a Marxist purge... where millions mysteriously die of COVID.

    • And they have the FEMA concentration camps built, staffed, and stocked by the globalist bush ready for the rest of us!!!!!

    • the FEMA is where Obama started everything

    • It appears if we DON'T die of this Chinese-virus, the CDC will manage to kill us off with one of the vaccies; reported today, there have been 55 deaths reported, in the US, shortly after receiving the vaccine - - -but, those reporting refused to point directly at the vaccine as the cause.

    • I wonder when the total number of infections will exceed the total number of human beings?

      Clearly, actual disease and mortality rates does not need to signify here; just Ponzi scheme mathmatics.

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