People are still working to connect the dots but several verified accounts have confirmed the accounts have been hacked. Documents online under the search term “Gates Hack” already has a list of donors to the Gates Foundation.

Mike Coudrey

BREAKING: It is being reported that the Gates Foundation, World Health Organization and Wuhan Institute of Virology have all been hacked and thousands of emails, passwords, and documents have been leaked online.

Mike Coudrey

Searching "gates hacked" on Twitter confirms the event did in fact transpire, with many screenshots of the documents, emails, and their credentials still posted.



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Another user posted screenshots from each organization with users linked to them.

Jacob 🧴🌹@Foucault2K

People hacked the Wuhan Institute, the Gates foundation, and the WHO but still couldn’t leak some valorant codes.

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It will be interesting to see what is uncovered. We will keep you updated if anything breaks.


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