The Department of Justice is looking into whether federal charges can be brought against Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan over her failure to crack down on a so-called “autonomous zone” controlled for weeks by rioters.

Attorney General William Barr has tasked the DOJ’s civil rights division with investigating whether charges can be brought against Durkan, The New York Times reported on Wednesday evening citing two people familiar with the discussions. Barr has also asked federal prosecutors to consider charging rioters with sedition and insurrection against the United States government, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Rioters took over several city blocks and a police precinct in the middle of Seattle for several weeks over the summer as protests and riots took place following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25. Durkan eventually ordered police to move into the area and reestablish order following several deadly shootings.

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  • FINALLY!  Common Sense Justice! The Rioters AND all officials who refused to end the violence MUST be charged and severely punished if we ever hope to prevent a repeat of this violent summer.  Do it BEFORE the election, which will spark MORE rioting , regardless of WHO wins!

    • Excuse me... LOOKING INTO the possibility of using federal law is a long, long, long way from prosecution... it doesn't even rise to the level of an investigation of federal crimes.  How about arresting, indicting, and trying those who failed to protect the civil rights of their citizens.. and let a Jury decide if they are guilty of violating federal law.  That is how our system is supposted to work.  AG's and US Attorneys are obligated to indicte anytime PROBABLE CAUSE is present to indicate the law has been violated.  AG's and US Attorney's are not to become judge and jury... to play the role of both while the law breakers continue to thumb their nose at the general public.

      Charge everyone from the City Council to the Governor for their complicit support for the lawlessness and let juries decide who broke the law... not some corrupt petitfogger or twisted judge.

  • I read that Barr is already looking into that. I'm pretty sure that he and Trump will bring down the hammer on many people of the deep state any day now. 

    • Why would anyone be 'pretty sure' that this administration will bring down the hammer on politicians who have engaged in criminal conduct... they have consistantly reported indictments on the way for nearly 4yrs and not one major indictment of a politician has occurred... There is no historic evidence to indicate that the AG or FBI is willing to prosecute their own or  any of the high profile political criminals.

  • AG Barr is looking for ways to avoid prosecution... not to begin prosecution.   The criminal conduct of the Mayor and City Counsel should be OBVIOUS to even the most liberal baraster and pettiffoger... Hence, the announcement to put off those demanding prosecution with MORE INVESTIGATIONS...

    Stop the OBSFUSCATION and OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE...  INDICT the Mayor, City Counsel and Governor for violations of their citizens basic civil rights, by deliberately failing to protect them from unlawfull riot, insurrection, racial violence, and the most basic of civil rigths, the right to live secure in their person and property.

    • Discovery, then indictment.

    • interesting


    • Colonel ... I am deeply opposed to the Left's insurrection. That said, we have a election in a few weeks. I'm reminded that "discretion is the better part of valor". Trump and Barr MUST win the 11/3 election. Then its no holds barred. Please be patient. We mustn't lose the election with careless sabor rattling.

      Be well.


    • The only way Pres. Trump will lose this election is by ignoring the massive fraud about to take place... mail-in ballots and 'ballot-harvesting' should be immediately challenged and put down as unverified voter participation (open fraud).  When voters cast a ballot in-person election officials confirm that a real person casts each ballot.  Election officials challenge the voter to identify themselves as registered to vote ... checking their right to a ballot against voter registration rolls...

      Unsolicited mail-in ballots can not be verified as the vote of a legally registered voter...  Signatures must be verified against voter registration rolls...  many signatures may be unreadable, some may be be missing. The point is mail-in ballots will open the door for officials to disqualify ballots based on THEIR PERSONAL JUDGMENT, not present when voting in person.  Election officials don't have the time, nor the training, to verify each signature or too qualify as handwriting experts. Mail-in ballots are an open scam, inviting fraud. Such ballots can be cast by anyone willing to harvest ballots... creating a system ripe for election fraud.

      The Democrats and various Marxist agents... ANTIFA, BLM, ACORN will be out in mass on election day.  They willl intimidate and run off in-person voters. They will disrupt our in-person voting.  That is the historical modus oporandi of the Marxist insurgents on election day. Stalin said: It is only necessary that the people know an election occurred. Those who vote determine nothing, those counting the votes determine the winners.  State election officials are overwhelmingly Democrats.  Think on that a while...

    • barr is part of the problem, he, durham and wray have stalled bringing any of the criminals to justice. Evidence has conveniently been misplaced, lost or destroyed. The 3 are complicit. All the while the left embeds themselves even deeper. To he11 with the election, if they committed treason, sedition, part of the insurrection take them down. 

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