• There were a group of bureaucrats who were a weaponized, and militarized arm of the Ottoman Empire occupying the Balkans during the 1600s. Have you ever heard of the Jannisaries?....... Yeah. I didn't think so....... You see, the Jannisaries were turncoat Christians who lived in the same communities with the same people who they were oppressing...... It did not end well for the Jannisaries. The silent hand is every bit as effective today as it was in the 1600s. And, the bureaucrats are always the weakest link.

    • ?  What does it mean and who are you responding to?  What relevance do 16th/c Jannisaries from the Ottoman Empire have  to anyone on this page.  Mind you no one likes bureaucrats especially I'm just wondering about context and wish you would expand your comments

    • It mean a lot

    • It means a lot you meant to say, but you still didn't say what exactly it means.


      mlopez lopez, Its drawing a comparison between the 1600's Jannisaries and the crooked people Pelosi Adam Shiff and other government officials -- like FBI and those who pay them 

      The (burocrats) to work to trap the people they are supposed to protect. 

      "THERE"S SNAKES IN THE GARDEN & BLOOD ON THE VINE"....... Lyricg from a HBO SERIES, TURN. its about revolutionary spies for Washngton but the song can apply to our

      modern day [Jannisaries --FBI and others]

    • OK thank you, but the FBI doesn't live among us, in the same communities, nor do the State Department, of Justice Department, or the creme de la creme CIA, or any of theother top bureaucrats.  In fact, one of the more prominient, Tea Party commentators on this page was a federal bureaucrat (Marelne Hessler) and she is very proud of it.  Is she to take some meaning from this?  Well, I glad you and Jeff find it meaningful.  I find it, this analogy to silent hands and 16th/c Jannisaries rather confusing and oblique.    

    • Which Jeff you are referring to 

    • There were three people involved in this conversation, you being one of them and of course you are the Jeff I was referring to when I said I'm glad you and Stephan found the comment to be meaningful as I found it to be confusing and oblique as I have said. 

      At best, the reference is confusing as most people wouldn't have heard of the Jannisaries.  Even so, according to Pax Romana they were not only obscure 16th/c bureaucrats in the employ of the Ottoman Empire, but they were also turn coats and armed, weaponized and militarized none of which is true of the FBI, Pelosi, or Adam Shiff.  I also wondered about his referenece to a silent hand and I wondered why such an analogy would be used as Pax Romana seems to sneer that "Yeah.  I didn't think so" with regards to whether we readership might have had heard of them, or not. 

      I certainly had not and I asked, made pointed enquiry, but he didn't respond.  That's a shame, I thought I might learn something and I thought perhaps it might have been interesting.  Stephen Kazmer did, but I found myself non plused, said so and expressed that I was glad it worked for both him and you.  So where would you like to go with any of this Jeff?  Or should I ask, which Lopez you are referring to?

    • As for me I who I believe I believe in the God that created the Universe and I believe the Devil is running this nation and the world he come to STEAL, KILL, AND DESTROY our lives and that is exactly what he is doing here in America 

    • As I am writing this the FBI is unjustifiably raiding the home of President Trump at Mar-a-Lago. The bureaucrats have been at war with us since the mid term elections of 2010. Never forget the enhanced searches that we have been subjected to at airports. Now we must be prepared to respond to this. 

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