• There comes a time in a Nation's struggles to maintain liberty... that there exist no other means to refresh the Tree of Liberty than thru the letting of blood.  Thomas Jefferson said: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”  That time may be here today as evidenced by the many usurpations and acts of oppression coming out of Washington, DC.  

      The New Administration and its agents in the Congress are threatening... to criminalize free speech, ownership of firearms, peaceful public protest, and the political ideology of their oppositions ... doing away with the free exercise of our faith and principals for sound government.  The Marxist Democrats seek to label the opposition party a criminal enterprise and to use the law to destroy any dissident behavior.  Such, despotic acts can only lead to Civil War.

    • Ron, I agree but am too old and crippled to help, and too poor to help finance it.  I daily pray that God will have mercy on His people and deliver us from the despotism.  Full blown communist dictatorship is pushing the door in and the FEMA concentration camps built under the globalist bush are ready for us!!!!!

    • pray that's all I have to say because it's going to get ugly.

  • it's going to get uglier as the day goes by, especially when Biden get into office wait and see.

  • Sign the insurrectioin act Mr.President. If you don't  the Country will go to shit for sure. Should have sighned it on your inauguration day when the COMMUNIST INSURGENTS  first started acting up!

  • I see the incursion into the Capital building as being a red-flag instituted and carried out by the Democratic Party.   This is the only means and methods they have to get they're message and point across as they have no agenda, no message, nothing but hate.

    • it was the antifa thuigs doing the rioting not Trump supporters!!!!!

    • Exactly, the majority of MAGA protesters were peaceful, respectful, and hardly rioting... even those who entered THEIR CAPITOL walk between the guideposts respecting the institution... it was the police who popped the CS and created panic as individuals attempted to exit under serious duress.... many older American's were in danger of heart attack and respiratory failure due to the police using CS... gas... When asked to disperse the vast majority did... as quickly as possible ... many suffering vision and breathing problems...

  • President Trump brought patriotism back to the United States. At levels not seen since President Reagan was in office.  I am almost ashamed of this country. Our leaders are not leaders. They are all puppets. Working for something much bigger than us and there is not anything we can do about it. 

    • The Insurrection Act could do something about it.

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