• Trump must know nearly 100% of his supporters had no idea about events of last Wednesday, we were all quite confident justice will prevail after the evidence is presented and most importantly Pence having a rare decision between freedom and tyranny would have little trouble choosing.

    Now we are at a crossroad, Trump himself said many times if Biden wins this country will go to hell... Why he signed the foreign election interference is yet another a mystery.

    So what should we do to a thief caught red handed now pointing a gun at us, and he’s not holding some plasma tv but our livelihood and freedom!?

    • How can justice prevail when they're all a bunch of liars and cheats??!! 

    • Trump's people were going to rallies while Pelosi's people were planning ways to steal the election behind the scenes.  We were out in the open, they were hiding and conspiring.  If we can unite behind a leadership we can stomp out the snake, if not we must go behind the scenes (least prefrable, because that's their territory).  My two cents worth

  • I will always support this man!  however, there is no way that you can reach the anarchists that are burning, looting and killing innocent people.  

    • The resolve of we the people only increases with the hostility against our President, Donald J. Trump. We become even more loyal than we were yesterday, if that is even possible.

    • 🙂👍🏻❤️

    • Interesting that the left hates him so much. There must be some realization that their corruptness has been exposed.

    • Absolutely!

  • This is supposed to be a free country so go to any rally you want. This double standard hypocrisy getting real old. Shaming us into not standing up for our country is embarrassing. The FBI warned ? Why are we giving any credit to the FBI after what we've been shown how they lie, set up Patriots (Gen Flynn, the President, us, whoever they want) without any oversight. If you want to protest then do it while you still can. I do not condone burning and looting for profit and power like the left hypocritical party does. I support and encourage being free Americans and not citizens like the N Korean, Chinese, etc, citizens. Preaching to the choir I know, lol.

    • Totally agree! God save Free America!

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