• that is exactly right Paul because he should have exposed Obama and his administration of their scheme back in the 2016 election and now it comes to bite him in the rear, now more than ever we as an American should stand strong with Donald Trump because he is the force of the United State of America.

  • He never told anyone to riot or storm the capital.  There have been continual riots,looting & burning by Antifa & the bm movement for a year yet nothing was ever said or done by democrats. Nancy Pelosi is absolutely obsessed with hate for President Trump. Why? At some point in time,..he must have turned her down. 

    • nutty nan pelosi is nothing but a huge pile of hate, hate for Trump, hate for God, hate for the Constitution, and hate for liberty for We the People!!!!!

    • Satanic,isn't she?

    • As any intelligent man or woman would have.

  • President Trump thank you for the past four years. You have been the best thing to happen to America in many years. You have tirelessly worked on behalf of this country and we're always upbeat. You brought to light just how corrupt some of our elected leaders are. And they worked hard to destroy you. You have left your mark on this country that will last for years. Hold your head high when your term is finished. You and Melania restored grace and respect to the White House.

    • Sharon, it is so great to see that Trump made America great again, almost singlehandedly. Today's America is so much better off than the one under obummer when chaos and financial problems ruled the day. 

    • Agreed. I'm afraid of what will happen now. Our country will become one giant ghetto under those morons.

    • Worse than that. We're about to get "Cleansed" you know.


    • AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!  mr dementia won't take long to remove the grace, class, elegance, and respect!!!!!  He is CORRUPT TRASH and his whore cohort is ineligible TRASH!!!!!

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