• True story! 👍

    • Truly. Sit back & watch our countries complete destruction while they rid it of any sense of decency,law & order. Welcome to another shit hole country. It will be a gigantic ghetto before they're done.Nothing can be in four years since they rig elections. I won't bother voting again. 

    • you won't get the chance, elections are a thing of the past!!!!!

    • Don't vote, sue them for violating out rights. Sign my petition and hit them were it hurts most, their pocket books.

    • Sue them... in today's corrupt courts... with judges who saw no evidence of fraud in the last election cycle... good luck and I hope you have big pockets to pay for the defenses attorneys when you lose.

    • Ronald, you are right. Our corrupt courts reflect the pathetic country the USA is today. Trump obviously made America great again, he deserved and got a second term but the sham of a country also runs rigged elections. The US is done.

    • wait until mr dementia gets done, there will be 6 more radical left hacks on the supreme court and lower courts will be just as bad.  the devildemocommiecrats will abolish the Constitution as a "racist" document and establish the global dictatorship they lust for!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey! Bob, they are doing it right now in front of our eyes.

    • Change .org. is the enemy too. They'll be taking that down as soon as they discover it.

  • Why should we be the ones to be calme and not protest peacefully when the liberals,BLM and Antifa burn,destroyed and killed anyone that disagree with them I said the hell to them We need our leaders and the Supreme Court to defend our Conversation our Country because their will be a shot the whole world will hear FREEDOM.

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