• We should be calm because Trump asked us to be calm. We the people should not need more than that. 

    • Because they are waiting for an excuse to take our guns. 

    • So,they want us to start killing them?

    • Then sue their asses. They are the criminals and deserve to be sued for violation out rights and causing harm to us. Sign my petition.

    • sue them? in courts that refuse to uphold, or even look at the Constitution?????

  • If he goes the country goes to hell and all of us with it.   What to do?

    Why do we have a leadership packed with criminals?  What kind of people are we? What kind of country are we? 

    We are a nation of people led by criminals? Is that who we are?  I don't want to be that.

    • What can we do? President a Trump tried but they are all corrupt. Barr & McConnrl too. We are done. No America. 

    • This is so true!! All great questions!!

    • Breaks my heart! God help us and save free America!

    • ☹️👍🏻

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