• It's not shame on them anymore it's shame on us for allowing it.

  • Whenever insanity becomes the driving force in government... it is time to consider seceding from such a government. The several States of the Union are not permanently joined at the hip... secession is not prohibited by the Constitution. 

    The US Constitution is a contract between the consenting SOVERIGN States of the Union, known as the United States of America...  As such, when serious disagreements arise and mutual consent is unable to settle such disagreements, the contract may be dissolved by similar agreement or consent... and if need be... by force of the soverign will of the participating States or State. 

    America and its several States being the product of the People's consent have arrived at an impasse in governance... such that the continued consent to be governed has been broached by the criminal conduct of major parties to the contract.  The resulting rift between the States and the Public is now critical.  There exist FUNDAMENTAL disagreements in the Constitution and its application in law... So great, are the differences that no peaceful resolution is possible. As one party resorted to Electoral Fraud usurping the consent of the people to be governed.  This breach of the law will not be tolerated, by several of the member States, and after seeking recourse in the courts the offended party finds them corrupt and unable to properly address the facts and the law. Hence, there is a call to secede now echoing loudly in the halls of several State Legislatures.

    It is time for the offended and oppressed States to form a 'Secession Caucus' in both houses of the Congress of the United States... to formally examine their secession from the Union and the formation of new governments based on the principals and needs of their citizens. It is time for the States to separate themselves from the criminal cabal now operating as the current federal government of the United States.  It is with great trepidation such an undertaking is needed, but we must all request our State Legislatures to formally announce their exit from the Union... by peaceful negotiated means, if possible, and by their soverign will if not. 

    • Communism made it here from the European continent. 

      Partitioning the states will not stop the metastasis.

      If we do not all hang together, we shall surely all hang seperately.

      You are acting out Colonel.



  •  It's impossible for me to swallow that Trump would succumb to a few BLM / ANTIFA farts who created a crisis succeed in actually taking our country, not possible

    • I can understand why he succumb against BLM and Antifa because we don't follow the law of the land, and the Democrat doesn't want him in office period, that's the reason why when the those group of gang member storm the capital that's mean it's a war no one suppose to do what they did so this is the perfect time to throw Donald Trump under the bust.


    • I agree. He may pretend to succumb to them. When will Trump come back? 

    • Trump can come back anytime before the 20th, after that he's history... I suppose Trump wants the nation to see first-hand what will await them, the lockdowns and shutdown of free speech even before the inauguration. Who could have predicted such impatience and stupidity, Trump could be a political genius, but then again maybe not.

    • if Trump doesn't stay for another 4 years I don't think he will come back.


  • I watched those traitors and scum impeached our leader yesterday and was embarrassed for us. What a display! 
    it was like watching a badly filmed movie, and the actors were shabby little puppets who echoed every statement that they have heard from the mouths of their colleagues.



    As the horror built, I just wanted to escape the theatre, but then..."what's that?! Are those out Republicans voting to bury our President? What in Gods name...?"

    Horror changed to anger, and my anger grew as I turned in utter disgust. 
    Those pussys! The slimy rats! They have revealed themselves! And some of the revelations are heartbreaking.

    It just continues to disintegrate. Sanity must be somewhere, and wherever it is, please transport me now!

    There is little more we can do and I feel powerless.

    I cry out to God, and He hears me. I know he is terribly disappointed in what he just witnessed, but I cannot continue to despair! He has overcome the World.

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