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The NBA is reportedly planning to paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ on their Disney courts, according to ESPN. The WNBA is also weighing the decision, the report noted.

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin responded on Twitter saying, “So, a violent Marxist-anarchist, anti-Semitic, hate-America group will have its name painted on sides of the NBA basketball courts. And the multi-millionaire players and billionaire owners – hypocrites and frauds – expect the rest of us to pay for this?”

He added, “I certainly hope we still have the gumption to tell these pathetic, phony revolutionaries, who milk this country for everything it’s worth while condemning it, go to hell and we, the people, stop subsidizing their extravagant lifestyles.

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  • Great... the NBA can empty their stands and watch their ratings on television plunge to new depths... watch as the sales of their sports paraphernalia takes a steep nose dive... go ahead, racist, paint BLM on your courts and then bend over and kiss your wallets good by.


    I used to follow the Pacers and even went to games. Then, came the brawl in Detroit...I still supported them but not as much. Follow that with a strip club brawl and gun shots by a player in downtown Indy and I was done. I can't boycott them because I've been doing it for years!

  • SICKENING. Do they feel they are better than anyone else.  Go ahead and destroy yourselves.  They are wealthy but no brains.  See what you would have in a communist country go on move.  

  • Watch the attendance REALLY fall if they paint black lives matter on the courts. Black basketball players should be getting the word out that they have a great life, making millions, living in great neighborhoods, etc. to show how far blacks have come in the last 50 years. There are black congress people, black mayors, etc. How much further do they want to go? Do they want to enslave the whites? I don't understand why Americans want to destroy the greatest country on the earth. Do they want to play basketball for food? The millions will disappear when the country is destroyed. Better vote those democrats out in November!!

    • The working-class white's are in effect indentured servants to the welfare state... their taxes and consumption serve to support it.  It is now so burdensome on the White working class that they work the first 6 months out of the year to support others on welfare and in government.

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