• TYRANNY........................This PATRIOT is a hero. STAND WITH/FOR HIM........................FREE THE AMERICAN,TYRANTS!!!

  • There are more political prisoners in addition to this outstanding Marine.  The State run media is as always covering it up.  I am considering becoming a Libertarian instead of a Republican because our representatines are spineless jellyfish.  I will wait until after the midterms and see if some of these younger people have a stiffer spine and are not intimidated by the Communist Party.  The Red States (Free States) need to send their state National Guard to the border to stop the illegal aliens from crossing the border.  Our Governor Greg Abbott here in Texas is good but he has not called up our National Guard to seal our border here.  Candidate Allen West who will run for governor will use the Narional Guard to stop this invasion so I may vote for him.

  • It is so far past time to stand up, i don't think the republicans can.  Every red stat need to send people to the border.  With orders to not let people cross the border.  Stop them at the river and make them go back then. 

  • Why the H*** are "We the People" letting this OLD GEEZER BIDEN who has a strong case of DEMENTIA and is advancing rapidly into ALZHEIMERS be allowed to run our great nation of the United States of America??? We need our MILITARY to take over IMMEDIATELY and ARREST "DEMENTIA JOE" to be taken into custody and to be COURT-MARTIALED for all his long time being ABOVE THE LAW with acts of TREASON and ILLEGALLY opening our BORDERS to all ILLEGAL ALIENS coming into America throughout the world while bringing in more COVID19 and all other kinds of unknown diseases to spread among millions of Americans! He and his DEMOCRAT COHARTS should definitely be IMPEACHED & PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST for their treasonous acts as well and for going up against our CONSTITUTION. They all are acting "ABOVE THE LAW'S OF AMERICA!" We cannot put up with these actions NOT ANOTHER DAY let alone having to wait for any investigations whatsoever! If we must wait, then these EVIL ILLEGAL DEMS must wait as well, but they will have to wait it out in GITMO... THAT'S IT. Because now, it is "We the People's" turn to SPEAK UP CLEARLY TO THESE CRIMINAL DEM ELITES who keep STEALING FROM US AND TELLING US, "We the People" what we can or cannot do, or when to do it. The MAJORIITY OF AMERICA HAS NOW SPOKEN and IT IS NOW TIME FOR ACTION!

  • Sorry OLD DEMENTIA BIDEN, but you and the DEM ELITE PARTY are"ABOVE THE LAW" and "We the People of America" is IN CHARGE. Therefore, we need to act soon to bring up charges and procedures to IMPEACH BIDEN, HARRIS, & PELOSI to start with and all other DEM ELITES who have been acting against President Trump while in office and against our Constitution throughout. These are SERIOUS CHARGES which must be brought forth IMMEDIATELY! All FOX NEWS commentators must stop talking about the WEAK & USELESS BIDEN and start talking about IMPEACHMENT PROCEDURES NOW! Our AMERICA is GOING DOWN with little time to SAVE IT. The BIDEN'S ARE IN BED WITH CHINA as well as, PELOSI & the CLINTONS! We have NO TIME FOR ANY FURTHER INVESTIGATIONS WHATSOEVER! The DEM PARTY IS NOW OPERATING ILLEGALLY... especially too, with our OPEN BORDERS AS WELL. It's time to PROSECITE! BIDEN blamed the Afghan military in which he had put his ‘trust,’ saying they lacked the will. He blamed everyone except himself and is attacking all who is AGAINST HIM. That is not the behavior of a leader. The TALIBAN Is Going Door To Door Murdering Christians!

  • Sad to see our military is now so corrupt. To arrest someone like this patriot

    • It's NOT the military... it's the general's like MILLEY DEMS!

    • It appears the mainstream media, the Biden administration, and the Pentagon are all covering Milley’s actions. This goes to show that liberals care more about their hate for Trump than they do about their own security. Milley’s activities were an act of treason that need to go before a court-martial.

      Trump acting Defense Secretary Miller says he 'did not' authorize Milley China calls, says he shoul…
      EXCLUSIVE: Former acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller, who led the Pentagon from the period between the 2020 election and Inauguration Day, said…
    • I agree with what you said!


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