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  • No doubt...

    Where is the GOP Leadership... The GOP leadership should be demanding IMPEACHMENT of Biden and hundreds of his Administration and the Judiciary... even if Impeachment has no chance of removing the corrupt and criminal elements in government... Impeach Biden must become the nation's cry for reform. The cry to impeach Biden should become Pres. Trump's 'America First's rally slogan.  It should be repeated at every outdoor athletic event and major concert/gathering in the USA until Biden either resigns or is removed.

    The MSM must be targeted for massive protests... These protests must target and clearly identify the major networks as enemies of the People and offenders of their journalistic license to access the Nation's airways and print media.  These protests against the MSM must be well funded,  organized, and able to appear spontaneous wherever the MSM appears.  The demonstrations should use passive-aggressive civil disobedience, to shut down the MSM's Marxist propaganda machine.  Sit-ins, denial of service and obstruction of access, and other peaceful, passive-aggressive methods must be used to shut down the MSM's access to media events (give access to and use alternative media to cover pro-conservative events).  We must DEMAND these failed journalistic organizations be sold to US interests, those with a history of apolitical journalistic coverage.  America must hold the MEDIA accountable for their betrayal, insurrection, and hate America rhetoric.  The 1st Amendment does not provide the press with the right to engage in treason, insurrection, or sedition.

    Given the massive shutdowns in the economy and serious national security issues... Prs. Trump's America First movement needs to shift gears... transitioning from rallies to sit-ins, labor/tax strikes, and other forms of passive-aggressive civil disobedience, all geared to demand the current entire government RESIGN.  Elections will not work.  All of the elected and appointed officials now in office need to resign, subject to new elections and appointments. The corruption in government has breached political dissent to become treason and insurrection.  The electoral process in America is dead and no longer reflects the will of the People.  ELections put us where we are and as presently structured will NEVER take us back to our Constitutional foundations.  It is past time we acknowledge that and begin alternative peaceful, Constitutional, and lawful means to reform government.

    America must demand an Article 5 Convention be held... Pres. Trump's America First's movement should join with the Article 5 Convention Organization to get the State's to support an Article 5 Convention and a Term LImits and Recall Amendment.  We must Limit all terms for elected and appointed officials to ONE TERM ... 6yrs,  with 1/3rd standing for election and appointment every 2yrs... That will ensure that  2/3rds of the government carries the historical memory needed to guarantee the stability and consistency essential to effective governance.  All current sitting members of the Government (Congress, Judiciary, senior civil service) must be denied further participation in government service, at any level... period.  No exceptions. Let God sort out any good from the bad.

    It is time for a monumental and historic change in government... Time for the Patriot to demand a return to Constitutional Government, of the People, for the People, and by the People.  It is time for the People to take their rightful place as masters of their sovereignty and government.  Time, to fire the wicked servant and promote the honest, moral citizens to their rightful place at the head of government.


    • I understand a couple have tried but in my opinion the GOP had become nothing more than the lesser of two evils.


    • Our GOP "leadership", is under the Democrats table eating scrapes. 

    • I agree with ALL you set forth Col.


    • Thanks, Les... for the vote of confidence.

    • Where are the Republicans, you ask? Most of them are in it with the leftists. Make as much as you can, as fast as you can and pray you're out of office before the SHTF. I'm as disgusted with them as much as I am with the leftists. Maybe even more. We know what the leftists are. The likes of McConnell, Graham, Romney, Murkowski, Collins, Sasse and ilk are charlatans who talk a good game and then sell out every single time.  

    • You are preaching to the choir... I totally agree.

    • Indeed. We need a lot more choir members. 😉

  • If it is true, I feel for all the travelers that are affected,  This will be another Joe Biden F up.   I support the walk out. This will come closer than anything else to change the dumbass's mind.  If the whole country shut down, it would be worst than the Federal gove. shutting down.  There would probably be a real riot in DC.  I know biden has a shelter,  but if Nancy doesn't she damn well better get one for her and Schumer.  This is the prefect crisis that we can not let go to waste.  Need to hit the streets and cause all kind of hell.  A human fence around the Hill and White House to keep the congressmen and all of their staff and committees from their offices would have a great effect on What is happening now.  Biden would be gone in days.  Soon to be followed by Harris and Pelsoi.  Then we would get Congressman Laehy I think.  

  • Everyone should stand against the government and not let them control your life 

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