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  • Good for them!  I hope the rest of them across the country do the same!

  • Hopefully it's true! Hopefully pilots and attendants join in. Are they going to fire all of them?

  • Although I have had both vaccines I don't think anyone should be forced to get jabbed. Lets examine the facts as presented: if you get the vaccine then it is assumed you are protected and if not infected how can you pass on the virus? And if you have contracted the virus although vaccinated it will be less critical seeing as it will have been weakened by tghe creation of antibodies. Therefore if you do pass on the virus it will be in a weakened stage and you may well be passing on antibodies as well. As I see it that it the essense of the herd effect.

    If someone elects not to take the vaccination then it is also assumed they can pass it on and be themselves infected by others who are not vaccinated. I also might ask the question: if the vaccine is protective why are those who receive it required in some quarters to wear masks?

    Furthermore, we know a populace not vaccinated would have a percenage already immune and able to fight off a virus. The Black Plague and the Spanish Flu prove the point. And in our current time it is obvious that many people who are exposed to the yearly flu do not get the flu even though not vaccinated. 

    I have to wonder why not test people for COVID antibodies and if found to be present we might consider them to have resistence and even immunity to the virus - apparently evidence of the herd effect. A simple blood test would be needed of course. Perhaps something like that done by diabetics: a slight finger pin prick on a tab inserted in a meter to be read. One inexpenisive meter for a family or even a clinic or school would be needed as well as a number of tabs but the cost would be minimal compared to other aspects of testing.

    • Exactly.......I got my two first to see how bad it might be BEFORE my children (ages 53 and 50) got them and to also protect my grandchidlren.


    • Diane,

      We agree, no one should be forced to take the jab, nor be criticized for taking it. In America we must also have the ability to take or not to take this without prejudice, the only consequence to either decision is to deal with the affects to follow.

      Assumed is not science, it either is or not....fact, not assumption!
      We already KNOW those vaccinated are not protected from getting the virus, because they too get sick and even end up in the hospital. I know this is hard to imagine when the CDC in May stopped reporting on cases of hospitalization of those who had their shots, only recording the numbers who did not get the jab.

      As of yet we have no proof that the shot weakens the virus. We do know that it builds a level of immunity, much weaker than those who were not vaccinated and had the virus, this is the reason they want all those vaccinated to get boosters, while those with natural immunity might have immunity for life, the jury is still out on that. 

      How one passes on antibodies through a virus is baffling to me, if this was the case than those with natural immunity should be out there trying to infect everyone and passing on their massive natural immunity! We don't get immunity from others, our bodies build it when exposed to the virus!

      Anyone, vaccinated or not can carry the virus and pass it on. Just like the flu, people pass it around, some get affected, others dont, much depends on the immunity and general health of the person. Your question why those vaccinated are demanded to wear a mask is valid!  Why indeed, especially since science shows that masks do not protect us from getting the virus. 

      In fact, those with natural immunity can fight off the virus, they are protected unless the virus is altered. This virus as the flu virus changes, and we have not had enough time to see if antibodies built being exposure to one form will also be affective with the variant. 

      We are all wondering why NOT test for antibodies? We probably have achieved herd immunity a while back, but those in charge aren't interested in that, as they don't care if one already had Covid, has natural antibodies and therefore they don't need a vaccine. The government wants EVERYONE  vaccinated regardless. They offer the shot for "free", but aren't offering antibody tests. Why? Would it prove that this entire thing is a hype? Perhaps. BUT, the most important question we can ask is: when we have several cures for covid-19, why do we need a vaccine that isn't affective? All they have to do is use old, FDA approved drugs used for decades and 99.9% of the people infected will survive, if they get early treatment. Why don't they treat people early, why wait until they can't breath, end up on ventilators and 80% of them die?
      Imagine if they came up with a drug that would cure flu patients and 99% of the 50-125 thousand who die annually (all ages) just in America from the flu, would survive! That would be a real medical brake through! We have this for covid......and they refuse to use it! WHY?


    • Except assume it's all about the "virus"/"vaccine".

    • In my opinion, it was never about the virus. That was the gateway to a forced "vaccine". Why??? Theories abound about the why. Control? Making a few rich? The primer for eventual use injection of a hydrogel leading to experiments in transhumanism? 

    • We ll know what assumption does!

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