• I wouldn't dout that Hitlery was behing the Trump's raid. Let's not forget that she's owned by the elite (secret gov) and she has been working for thier benefit all alomng therefore, she is immunedd of any wrong doing. I will never forget hers and Obama's treason at Bengashi and nothing happened to them.

  • Killery will never be elected president of this United States no matter how desperate the commiecrat party becomes, and they definitely are desperate.  They will lose massive numbers in both houses in the upcoming midterm elections.

  • E-mailgate is nothing, she has another charge coming her way.

  • Hitlery is part of the deep state. So, of course, she has something to do with the raid and the investigations of the only honest politician out there, President Donald J. Trump. Hitlery wouldn't know what honesty and keeping all promises meant if they bit her in her ugly behind.

  • This wouldn't suprise me at all

  • How can anyone think Hellery is a viable candiate. She not only acted in a treasonist manner during her reign in the government but used every manipulative action to hide her viciousness.

  • Seems the crazy old bat thinks that we really care.  If she tried running again, they would have to lock her up in a mental hospital because that would prove how crazy she really is.

  • Tsk, tsk. We all know how the Clintons cure their cover-ups. This was just an appetizer.

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