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Not content with pocketing $200 m in “Stop the Steal” donations then doing nothing, or worse, to install President Trump to the second term for which he was duly elected, RNC is this very moment dispatching paid operatives to state gop “Election Integrity” sessions with the following messages:

  1. We should federalize the election process.
  2. There’s nothing RNC can do about 2020, that’s up to the State parties “who are doing everything they can” re 2020. We should only look forward.
  3. The most important thing is to make phone calls and knock on doors to “convince Republican voters to have faith in the election process” and to believe a fair election is possible in the current process.
  4. They give the same info for prospective election volunteers they gave in 2012 & 2016 & 2020 as if nothing has changed.
  5. What to do about tracking mail-in ballots? “There’s nothing we can do.”
  6. Voting machine problems? Never mentioned. Ignored.

Folks we are in real trouble unless we redouble our efforts to take the gop back. Every one of you get on your precinct or central committee or whatever your state calls it, become poll workers, managers, watchers, don’t fall for this RNC bs, and elect party leadership that’s ready to go to war to take back the election process.

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  • All elections should be in person with photo ID. 

  • I stopped donating to the national RNC in 2015 and here in Marxifornia. I have told them on the phone when they call for donations I tell them I will never donate again to the RNC until Rona is gone along with all of the RINO's are fired and call me back when that happens. I donate DIRECTLY to conservitive canadates or through the Senate Consertive Fund at and the House Freedom Fund at

    Senate Conservatives Fund
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    STOP US before we shoot our party again!

  • Elections have to be held in person no mail in ballots people who were counting the votes the presidential election are the same who were counting the votes on the California run off for governor are the same people that will be counting the votes on 2022 and some how millions of unknowns votes are counted.I say go and vote in person and show prove of ID.

  • Somewhere along the way as American Citizens we have forgotten that "Voting" is a Duty, an Obligation, and an Honor. It was never designed to be a "Convenience" other that to be "After Harvest, and on a Tuesday so as to allow travel to your County Seat after Sunday Services." For all the rest, the "Dime is on the Citizen." If you cannot arrange to get to a Voting Place it is either because of lame ass excuses or Medical/Military Service Excuse, for which "Mail In Ballot Process Exist." Citizens allowed themselves to be talked into Mail-In Ballots as excuses for convenience and Costs Savings. Laziness and Pocketbooks always open the "Doors for Fraud and Manipulation." Once again the American Citizen failed to become alert to the Warning Bells of Governments saying "This will help you."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • The goal all along-- to destroy the Constitution.  Their silence over the election coup has been complicence with the enemy all along. They know this is unconstitutional. 

  • Why can't they put a law in place that says...Mail in ballots can be submitted starting Oct 16th...No more ballots accepted after Oct 30th...All ballots MUST be counted and results tabulated BEFORE election day...1st Tuesday in Nov. Then...machine voting on election day. Once they know the machine tabulations they know how many mail-ins they need...and extend counting till Saturday.

  • Paper Ballots!!!!

  • no, No, NO!!! and Again NO!!!

  • God almighty...Are the kidding? Get the old machines back and put them in place The mechanical ones, wit the arm and know...

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