• Plan A:

    2022 Trump runs for House, wins. GOP led House appoints Trump as Speaker. JO & Ho are Impeached. Trump becomes President. 2024 Trump re-alected President .

    America gets 10 years total of Make America Great Again.

    • President Trump can only serve one more term, that gives us 6 years but hopefully his successor will be of the same caliber.  That is on the faint hopes that there will ever be an election at all much less one not a Soviet style dog and pony show!!!!!!!!!!


    • 2022 Dominion voting system leads massive wins for Democrats.... leaving little hope for any restraint on the consolidation of Marxist power.  2024 massive election turn out gives Democrats mandate for Constitutional change... America is formally welcomed into the Brotherhood of International Socialists.

      Anyone who believes that we can ELECT our way out of a Marxist insurgency is not only foolish they're delusional...  Dominion software remains the dominant force in our elections... even if we replace it ... who is to say the new system will be any better?  Look, the crooks are running the government and one thing we can be certain of is that they will not go away quietly or sit back and let us reclaim our elections.

      Election fraud has been going on for decades... it is now a science in the Democrat Party.  Elections PUT US WHERE WE ARE and they damned well will not lead us out of our current situation... we need an Article 5 Convention... a recall amendment, a term limits amendment, and once we have replaced the corrupt political class with citizen representatives the laws can be changed to ensure that our Constitution is returned to its rightful place in government.  until then, elections will only give us more of the same.

    • A 'system' that worked for 250 years... So you want to 'fix' some simple code injected into a machine with giving 'them' a shot at absolving The Constitution... with a BLANK piece of parchment to write a new one... Now That's Delusional.

      Arrests... Trials and short ropes are the fix.. It may not stop others  from Trying... But Bet it keeps 'em from Forming any Like Habits"  

      Art V ?? The Last one... FIRST thing they did was eliminate the rules set forth to govern the the writing of the new one... AND THOSE WERE Patriots running the show !! These communistic scums would like nothing better. A blank page with the verbiage The Constitution of the United States written at the top : /

      After what we know,  becomes Black & white proofs... even the commotose will be awoken.

      And Ron... WE have had This conversation before : / if you want to 'stop by' and help me cut split & stack this coming winters firewood, swap out the trans in my truck...  finish these orders to build a room full of computers and add on to my cows pasture... I'll stay on this Personal Confuser and chit chat with you all day... Otherwise... I'm back at it.

      Arizona Vote Audit Live Stream
      The long-awaited hand count and forensic audit of the election in Maricopa County starts Friday. Process will be live-streamed at
    • Duke...

      So, in between cutting your winter's wood, feeding your livestock and repairing your pickup... are you volunteering to walk up to the White House and tell Biden he must vacate or you will forcefully evict him?  That ought to make for an interesting video.  Just how do you propose to evict Biden?  Remember the GOP has certified him as the duly elected President and that the 2020 election was legitimate... not fraudulent.  No court will rule his election is void due to fraud... certainly not the Supreme Court.  

      So, again... are you volunteering to walk up to the White House and demand Biden be evicted?  What is your plan... civil war?  Civil war will not work it will only invite international intervention and massive casualties in America.  I doubt that many US Citizens would show up... to engage in a civil war... the people lack committed leadership, are not sufficiently armed, supplied, or organized for such an undertaking.  You may find yourself an army of one.

    • You obviously don't understand how a Constitutional Convention works... it takes 3/4ths of the states to ratify any proposed Constitutional Amendment.  Do you think 3/4ths of the States will agree to a total rewrite of the Constitution or even major changes to the fundamentals?  I don't.  

      As of now, the only peaceful and Constitutional Remedy to our problems... is to hold an Article 5 Convention where the States can recall the sitting federal government and either confirm Pres. Trump as the lawful President or call for new elections. That process is certainly worth trying before CIVIL WAR or massive secession by the Red States occurs.

    • why 2024? why not now Joe Biden is not the president.

    • Ditto.

    • It's a matter of Constutional Law Jeff...

      And since Ron explained here already... I'll just repost His statement in part:

      "The Constitution provided the tools needed to correct the problem with the fraudulent election... however, the January 6th Joint Session of Congress CERTIFIED THE FRAUD AS LEGITIMATE.... which makes the fraud a legitimate election by Constitutional authority.  What should have happened was for VP Pence to have returned all the fraudulent ELECTORS to the States for recertification or dismissed them from the count and if there were not enough remaining Electors to give either candidate 271 Electoral votes... the election should have been thrown into the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES where each State DELEGATION ... gets to cast one vote for the President... the candidate who then received a majority of votes is elected President.

      What we had was a fiasco instead of a well run Joint Session of Congress to certify the election... with VP Pence BETRAYING the Constitution and the People... he allowed a PHONY riot to close down the debate to challenge the fraudulent electors and moved to a vote to certify them as sent to Congress... LEGALLY CERTIFYING A FRAUDULENT ELECTION... VP Pence is a traitor, he single-handedly scuttled Pres. Trump's legal right to the office of President.

      The only way legally to correct this FRAUD... is thru a Constitutional Amendment to recall Biden and Harris... and to appoint by AMendment Pres. Trump to his second term.... ".


    • Two wrongs do not make a right. Pence is a traitor. The court ruled unlawfully by not hearing evidence. Color of law is not lawful. Fraud plus Treason does not earn a Pass Go. Either something is lawful or it is not. Law is supposed to be based on a moral code and that is declared in our Law of Nature and Nature's God, the forgotten document that everyone thinks is nothing but a history lesson'---and that states Who is the One that establishes moral law. This is backed up in all 50 state preambles or introductions to each state constitutions.

      Trump let this happen to begin to expose the level of corruption everywhere. And it just keeps coming, like a deluge. A deluge of sin, perversion and raw evil.

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