• Thank you, Jea9. I've been saying the same thing myself, and you said it better than could have!


    • Thank you. Melanie. The law cannot defend itself. We must defend moral law by standing up for what is given to us and declared to us.

    • Well said once again, Jea9! God bless you for your moral courage.


  • Our founding fathers put in place a second amendment guaranteeing every US citizen the right to keep and bear arms to confront a tyrannical government. That is exactly what these so called democrats insist on installing right here in the United States of America. Right NOW! It is happening as you read this!

    As government increases in size freedoms are decreased! That is fact. In socialism government always expands its controls and takes over everything including individual lives. More citizens have been murdered by government under so called socialism then all the wars combined. Now that is history!

    However, it is not only our right to resist such an effort it is our obligation to put such action down and secure our nation and its guaranteed freedoms. We, as a peace loving nation, have managed to, over the past decades, allow such actions to occur and now a fight may be necessary to keep America a free nation.

    The United States citizens have more small arms weapons then all the armies of the world combined and although we have no weapons of war so to speak the overwhelming number of weapons is a force no nation can put under if we exercise our right and adhere to our obligation. We must preserve this nation for posterity just as our forefathers secured it for us! No matter the cost!

    The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has never existed under socialism and never will. Furthermore, socialism has always failed everywhere it has been enacted. Perhaps as a nation we have forgotten just how important those words really are.

    As a nation united we stand - divided we will fall to the whims of these criminals. That is exactly why they are now attempting to divide us with this cry of racism!

    • Don, Very well said. Couldn’t agree more.

      The 2nd Amendment remains the major, and probably the only, stumbling block to the democrat’s complete destruction of America.

      If the democrats are allowed to assume total control, the entire Constitution will be stripped down to only the 16th Amendment.

      As you stated, it is not a citizen’s right to defend our country; it is our DUTY. It is ‘The Prime Directive’.

      Our forefathers left us the best country on Earth to live in. It is our obligation to do the same for our descendants.


    • Thank you for the kind words.  You are correct in you comment as well.  

  • By the way, Mark Meckler, who co-founded the Convention of States with constitutional law expert Michael Farris about ten (10) years ago, was one of the original co-founders of the Tea Party movement prior to that. He decided to use the Constitution to save the Constitution through Article V and motivating a grassroots army of citizen activists for self-governance. If you're interested then go to this link to find out how you can help:

  • Pence really BLEW IT for Trump and the rest of us !!      Pansy pos. !!

    • Exactly! He should be ashamed of himself.


    • Yes; he's just another RINO coward.


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