• Trump is president.  Throw poor old joe and his nation destroyers out TODAY  !!!

    • Yes, he is, and we all know it.


  • The Constitution provided the tools needed to correct the problem with the fraudulent election... however, the January 6th Joint Session of Congress CERTIFIED THE FRAUD AS LEGITIMATE.... which makes the fraud a legitimate election by Constitutional authority.  What should have happened was for VP Pence to have returned all the fraudulent ELECTORS to the States for recertification or dismissed them from the count and if there were not enough remaining Electors to give either candidate 271 Electoral votes... the election should have been thrown into the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES where each State DELEGATION ... gets to cast one vote for the President... the candidate who then received a majority of votes is elected President.

    What we had was a fiasco instead of a well run Joint Session of Congress to certify the election... with VP Pence BETRAYING the Constitution and the People... he allowed a PHONY riot to close down the debate to challenge the fraudulent electors and moved to a vote to certify them as sent to Congress... LEGALLY CERTIFYING A FRAUDULENT ELECTION... VP Pence is a traitor, he single-handedly scuttled Pres. Trump's legal right to the office of President.

    The only way legally to correct this FRAUD... is thru a Constitutional Amendment to recall Biden and Harris... and to appoint by AMendment Pres. Trump to his second term.  Will that happen.... hardly likely given the GOP/RNC will not contest the election as a fraud... We are stuck with forcing the issue thru massive passive-aggressive protests that are so large that they shut down government and commerce... until the Amendment to remove Biden and Harris is ratified and Trump is appointed by Amendment to his second term.

    • According to Mike Lindell and Mark Levin something is in the works. So we, I guess, will just have to bide our time and see what happens. At this particular time it appears we have no other choice. However, there is little doubt the communist who are posing as democrats will have to be forced to quit their effort to fundamentally transform America they will never be talked out of what they are currently doing to overthrow our Constitutional Representative Republic and free enterprise economic system.

      Since they have a tendency to not adhere to laws passing new laws also will not likely stop them. Furthermore, it is becoming obvious with all the hatred visible in the so called democrat party now if they do manage to attain total and complete power such as that realized by government in many nations throughout Europe and Asia during that bloody twentieth century we will suffer the same result right here in America as they did. Over one hundred seventy million citizens (some in Asia say many more) were rounded up and murdered in one way or another for disagreeing with the dictator(s). Make no mistake that can and very likely will happen, under the correct circumstances, right here in the United States of America regardless of what anyone says or thinks now. Even many who now riot and loot in our streets. They too will be seen as a threat to anyone or group practicing total authority

      In any case there is little doubt blood will be spilled before this is over. What actually causes the violence to begin is not yet known however it will either be when government begins to kill people or biden actually comes after our guns by using house to house confiscation like what happened in many nations in Europe and Asia. It is obvious at least to most of us who are real patriots we will not give up our constitutional right to keep an bear arms regardless of what these democrats do regarding the second amendment. After all it is a God given right! Not a government given right!

      Everyone regardless of political party should be able to see the goal of these so called democrats by now. It is not good.

      The so called democrats know they must get the guns in order for them to succeed in their quest to transform America. Failure to do so is the only thing that kept Obama from fulfilling his promise of a fundamental transformation!

    • I hope you are correct Don... However, disappointment and betrayal are becoming the standard for conservative action and leadership.   We are dealing with more than mankind alone.  We are in a spiritual war for the -very soul of our nation.  It is time for the Church to stand up in UNITY to call on God, Too, faithfully act on 2 Chronicles 7:14 to heal our land.  America is sick, deathly ill and she needs to be nourished from God's Hand and Word to recover.

    • I only know what they both say.  Time will tell. Both are certainly patroits as well as trustworthy.  

    • Let us put our hope in the Hands of the One who is capable of restoring our Constitutional Government... Having done all let us place all our hope in God.   Remember, "... that the LORD saveth his anointed; he will hear him from his holy heaven with the saving strength of his right hand. Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God. They are brought down and fallen: but we are risen, and stand upright."  Psalm 20: 6-8  The battle is the Lord's and the Victory is ours.

  • Between Georgia and Arizona it is obvious Trump won. There was abviously voter fraud and Biden/Harris should be arrested and Trump claim his rightful office. I think it was a cou (probably spelled wrong) and there are guidlines as to what law enforcement needs to do to right the wrong.

    • Everyone know what you mean.  

    • Yes, it's spelled "coup," short for "coup d'etat." BTW, you are perfectly correct about Trump claiming his rightful office, but with all those RINO cowards in charge, I'll be shocked if it happens.


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