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      If we are unable to convene an Article 5 Convention... there is the possibility of a Quid Pro Warrento petition challenging the authority for Biden to hold office... the entire election process can be challenged as fraud.  However, that takes a viable honest Court to act affirmatively on the Warrento... which is unlikely. 

      Given the seriousness of our National crisis it may well end up with secession and or civil war... the states need to start bantering that about as it may cause the left to think twice and renege on their lawless conduct... doubtful but worth trying... leadership in the RED STATES need to verbally discuss the lawful right of a sovereign to revoke their affiliation within any UNION or REPUBLIC; whenever it becomes obvious that the Union or Republic is engaged in subduing its members under threat of force of arms. 

      Push has come to shove America... into the chains of despots.  It is time to gauge the course we are on and to take the actions needed to either reform government or establish new guards for our security and liberty. 

      See the Declaration of Independence:  Text of the Declaration of Independence | Declaration Resources Pro...

      Text of the Declaration of Independence
    • I would like to suggest to you that the possibility of recalling or removing a Senator has a much better chance of success. Several Senate races were also decided by the dump of fraudulent partisan absentee ballots. Gary Peters of Michigan comes immediately to mind. Although the recall of a Senator has never been tested in court, it is sure to wind up in The Supreme Court very shortly. The flip of ONE Senate seat could provide a temporary firewall against the impending communist takeover.

    • Agreed... but neither will happen without an Article V convention and even then it will be an uphill battle to recall anyone.

    • that's right and it's ashamed for a vice president to ignore the fraud thet was going on in the election I agree with you 100%


    • Yep, the Article V Convention of States organization has been around for about ten years; nice to meet you. Check it out here and do something about saving our constitutional republic. 

    • Col. Nelson:  A group called Convention of States (q.v. on the web) has benn working to call a convention to amend the Constitution, bypassing Congress.  Check it out!

    • Thanks... for the heads up Glenn...

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