• Get over it... VP Pence lead a joint session of Congress and CONGRESS CERTIFIED THE ELECTION RESULTS AS SUBMITTED... that makes the election Constitutionally legitimate.  VP Pence betrayed America and the Constitution... he permitted a vote to certify the results of the election as legitimate.  End of discussion legally it is over.   Morally it is a disaster.

      How can the People Correct it... certainly not thru more fraudulent elections... it will take a Constitutional AMendment to remove Biden and Harris and appointed Trump as President ..that is the only way that legally remains to give Pres. Trump his lawful second term.  This can be done under Article 5 of the US Constitution in a Convention of States.  However, with the GOP and RNC continuing to hold to the election as legitimate any move to have Biden and Harris scuttled by Amendment is highly unlikely.

    • I totally agree that absolutely nothing will be done to correct the crimes committed against America last November.

      Certainly seems that you’re saying: the democrats stealing the election and Pence and Congress certifying it makes it acceptable.

      Have we now reached the point where ‘Two Wrongs DO Make a Right’?

      If you can’t find a Constitutional solution when they come for you and your family, will that make it acceptable?

      My belief is there are many devout advocates of the 2nd amendment that might have a much different opinion.

      At least I certainly hope so.


    • Tom

      Read what I said... VP Pence betrayed America... he permitted a vote to certify the results of the election as legitimate.  End of discussion legally it is over.  Morally it is a disaster." The election and certification of its results was a moral disaster.  I do not consider the Fraudulent Election of November 2020 acceptable at all.  However, Constitutionally the Congress certified the fraudulent election as lawful and installed Biden and Harris in the White House as President and Vice President.  This entire process is morally repugnant but constitutionally certified.

      What I support is an Article 5 Constitutional Convention... to introduce and ratify a Constitutional Amendment to remove Biden/Harris from office and too certify the election of Pres. Trump, as a second-term President.  The Amendment should also remove all those federal officeholders who were fraudulently elected in the November 2020 Election and its run-offs from their office and install the legitimately elected candidates.

    • Colonel,

      Knowing that we both want the same things for OUR COUNTRY, I certainly have no desire to engage in meaningless bickering as so many on this site do. You’ve suggested that I read what you said. Well, I have, several times. And… to me the use of phrases like “Get over it…” and “End of discussion legally it is over.” suggest an acceptance of the theft of America.

      The protest in DC back in Jan. should still be going on with 100 times the number of people involved and growing larger every day. For the citizens of this country to allow a senile career criminal and a San Francisco whore, both being puppets of the N W O, to hold the highest offices in our government is positively outrageous, ridiculous, and totally unacceptable.

      As for a Constitutional convention: Great idea, but Never Gonna’ Happen! To the best of my limited knowledge, it would take 34 states to even convene a convention. With almost half of the states firmly controlled by the democrats, it becomes impossible. Not to mention the large number of Republicans that will be exposed as Rinos.

      Several posters on this site have used the terms: legally or by legal means, etc… etc. The harsh reality is that the people in control of our ‘Legal System’ will determine what is legal and what is not. Legal is no longer determined by right or wrong, it has become agenda driven and another weapon to be used against America. The proof of that can be found in the number of asinine decisions handed down by the 9th Circuit Court and several other democrat judicial strongholds. Since the arrival of ‘The Kenyan’, the intimidation of The Supreme Court has become obvious and has also produced some very strange decisions. If democrats have their way, the Constitution will be reduced to nothing but the 16th Amendment.

      It has now become legal to suspend the Constitutional rights of all Americans because a manufactured flu bug with a 99.8% survival rate is loose here in The USA. The uncontrollable disease that is attacking America is NOT corona virus it is:

                          *****     TERMINAL APATHY     *****


    • NO, I have not accepted the fraud ...  However, what I or you or anyone else thinks about the election is moot of no viable effect.  My post was an attempt to focus our resources and action on those processes that CAN WORK TO REVERSE THE ELECTION...

      However, the election itself is over... settled in law and fact.  Unless someone can inform us how proving fraud reverses the States and Congress's certification of the election it is over.  The Patriot needs to focus on what will work to remove Biden et al; not on their anger and the need for personal vindication.  We all need to focus on an Article 5 Convention to draft, pass, and ratify a RECALL AMENDMENT,   An Amendment to 'recall' every federal official whose election in November was the result of fraud.  A Recall Amendment needs to clearly declare Pres. Trump, as President for a second term.  A Recall Amendment can be lawfully crafted to strip any down-ballot politicians of their win if any ... any... fraud was involved in their election.  It can reverse the elections of seats that gave the Senate to the Democrats and kept the House from going to the GOP.

      It was and is my intent to get the people off the RED HERRING IDEA that proving fraud will somehow reverse the election... it will not.  It is not a viable path to reverse the election. It is a waste of time and resources.  The election is OVER, Congress and the State's certified Biden the Winner. The audits will simply prove Congress and our states are full of crooks and corruption. The audits will not reverse the election. We need a RECALL AMENDMENT to do that. So, let's focus on getting the States to convene an Article 5 Convention to ratify a Recall Amendment.  Stop WASTING VALUABLE TIME AND RESOURCES on a dead-end cause. We all know the elections were rigged and so do our crooked politicians.

      Focus on what works... a Recall Amendment.

    • I have to believe that if recalling the president were even remotely possible, Nancy Pelosi would have been able to produce a trillion fraudulent signatures in two days time. Perhaps you might like to read this article pertaining to the subject.

      Why a President Cannot Be Recalled

      There Is No Way Voters Can Recall a President and Here's Why
      The U.S. Constitution does not allow for the recall of a president outside of the impeachment process or removal if they're deemed unfit for office.
    • Tom Murse wrote this article and he is hardly an expert on anything except leftist politics.. However, Murse is correct... as CURRENTLY WRITTEN the Constitution doesn't provide for a recall of the President.  We are not talking about recalling the President under the current Constitution ... we are talking about recalling the President by AMENDING the Constitution to permit the recall. 

      You obviously misread what Mr. Murse was stating... UNDER the CURRENT CONSTITUTION a president can not be recalled he can only be IMPEACHED or Removed for reasons cited in the 25th Amendment.  I am proposing the Constitution be Amended to include a recall provision for removing the President and other federal officials elected by fraud.

    • Which 34 states do you plan on recruiting for your constitutional amendment?
      And by the way, I'll back my comprehension of the English language against yours anytime.

    • Amendments become part of the Constitution... in point of fact if an Article 5 Convention decided to tear up the existing Constitution and adopt a new one it could... That is how our present Constitution was created. The Confederacy was dissolved and the Articles of Confederation replaced by our current Constitution.  Those claiming that it is impossible, ignore history and the facts regarding how our current Constitution came into being.

      However, getting 3/4ths of the States to agree on a recall amendment would be nearly impossible... getting sufficient numbers to agree on recalling the President would likely never occur.  Impeachment and or invoking the 25th is unlikely.  Hence we are headed for massive successions, civil war, or capitulation under Marxist rule.

    • I think that would be true only if the person who was illegally, illicitly and immorally installed were the true President. Beijing Biden is NOT, and everyone knows it.

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